In chapter 074 of "One-Punch Man", Bakuzan, who turned into a monster by consuming the monster cells, had a brief scuffle with Gouketsu. Without breaking a sweat, Gouketsu easily subdued Bakuzan and demonstrated his superiority in the process.

He then left the scene while warning Bakuzan that the heroes would soon arrive. In chapter 074.2, it is revealed that suiryu is still alive, after having been viciously beaten into the ground by Bakuzan.

Suiryu feels utter despair

After having been humiliated by Gouketsu's overwhelming power, Bakuzan says that he is no longer interested in being the strongest monster in the world.


Suiryu then reveals that he is still conscious.

Having been beaten to a pulp by the monsters, Suiryu is now a shadow of his former self. Whereas the martial artist was previously confident and cocky, he has now put his pride aside and begs for mercy. He tells Bakuzan that he no longer has any intentions to fight and admits defeat.

Bakuzan, however, reveals that he enjoys bullying people who are weaker than him. Suiryu, who's barely able to walk, tries to flee but is immediately caught by his enemy.

Bakuzan then proceeds to torture Suiryu and breaks both of his legs in the process.

Again, Suiryu begs for mercy and admits that he is no match for the newly transformed monster. Bakuzan issues an ultimatum and tells Suiryu that he might reconsider if the fallen champion licks his feet.

Where are the heroes?

Initially, it looks as though Suiryu is about to lick Bakuzan's feet, but instead he grabs the monster's toe and breaks it with his remaining strength. He then turns around and starts to call for help.


Suiryu asks the heroes to come and save him from the monsters, but, of course, nobody hears him. We see a collage of familiar heroes, who are currently fighting off the monster invasion. The likes of Mumen Rider, Fubuki, and Puri-Puri-Prisoner are shown to be bleeding and injured.

Suiryu realizes that he is alone in this battle and turns to the unconscious bodies of Lighting Max and Sneck. He then desperately begs them to stand up one more time to buy him some time to escape.

Mercilessly, Bakuzan moves forward and brutally crushes Sneck with his feet.

However, once the monster lifts up his feet, it is revealed that Sneck's body is no longer there.

saitama has finally arrived and managed to save Sneck by the skin of his teeth. The B-Class, known under the alias of Caped Baldy, then moves towards Bakuzan and praises Suiryu for having held out for so long.

What will happen next?

We can expect Saitama to easily overpower Bakuzan with one of his formidable punches. Bakuzan was, of course, defeated and humiliated by Saitama in the martial arts tournament and has vowed to take revenge on the hero.


While the fight between Saitama and Bakuzan should be over in an instant, the Caped Baldy's battle against the ferocious Gouketsu might be a little more interesting. Regardless, the titular hero will surely come out on top - as he always does.