Luffy's adventure continues as "One Piece" chapters 864 and 865 will be aired soon! It is still a week more to go before the next chapter airs. Basically, this gives more time for fans to create online noise and predictions as to what will happen next. Chapter 864 centers a story on Luffy as he will be led to a defeat by a mystery character. Who will it be? Meanwhile, as the adventure continues, Luffy will be featured showing a broken photo to Big Mom.

Mount Caramel portrait to be destroyed?

One of the goals of "Once Piece" chapter 864 is to destroy the Mount Caramel portrait.

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Will the scenes feature Yonko screaming in pain or will it knock her on the underlings? Apparently, this chapter couldn't come sooner since this new installment will reveal some information about Big Mom and on how Jinbe will understand her power.

Further, Jinbe and Luffy will be involved in blowing their cover. There was an old mission to destroy the portrait, but the former was being impaired by Dogtooth's Mochi Mochi No Mi. Further, Luffy will be seen committing a mistake as he shows himself to the Big Mom.

Big Mom then wanted Luffy to do out of the cake destruction. On the other hand, Jinbe will be left with no choice but to reveal himself in order to save him while at the same time stop the spell of Dogtooth. This chapter will also reveal confrontations between Big Mom since an unidentified person has dressed like Luffy and destroys the Mount Caramel.

As of now, no one knows who's that mystery man is. This is something fans should see as Chapter 864 unfolds.

Chapter 865 drops major plot twists

As the new installment arrives, exciting plot twists will be revealed on chapter 865.

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On the next chapter, Luffy will be featured showing a broken photo to Big Mom, and this will definitely start the ball rolling. Further, there will be a huge indication that Dogtooth's plan will succeed. Based on Bege's observation, Dogtooth has gone ashen white. Will this mean that Big Mom will become vulnerable on the next chapter?

Further, other exciting moments to watch out for are the one-on-one fights that will happen among the characters. Sanji will be most likely facing fights with "One Piece" most powerful opponents. On the other hand, Pedro will be up and will fight against one of the sons of Big Mom, Oven Charlotte. On the upcoming chapter, Capone will have his hands busy as he will try to defend whatever Dogtooth tries to throw at Luffy.