The sluggishness of the Whole Cake Island Arc is very evident in the latest episode of “One Piece.” However, the introduction of Sanji’s other siblings, the red and blue ranger of the Vinsmoke Family, Ichiji and Niji saved the episode. It is pretty amazing to see the two generals together with the army of Germa 66 easily take the win of a war that is raging for a few years. Apparently, their military prowess is up for sale to the highest bidder to worked as mercenaries and now that business is over, they have a wedding to attend. Though Oda’s series is back again in the one chapter per episode pace, the episode is more visually appealing this time especially Luffy that looked like straight out of a “One Piece” movie.

Giant Sea Centipede Monster Attack

As the Straw Hats continues to follow the secret route provided by Pudding, they came upon an island made up of jam. Chopper and Carrot are eager to dock and get a taste of the isle’s jam, but Nami insisted that they will not make a stop. Instead, they will head out to the next destination before they get close to Jam Island to avoid surveillance.

When the Sunny ventured out in the sea of grape juice, a massive sea centipede monster arrives to eat the ship. Nami and Chopper froze in terror while the others prepared to defend the ship. Luffy unleashed his Gum-gum Gattling breaking the hard shell of the monster and forcing it to flee. However, another monster showed up, and this time, it is twice the size that the first one. Luffy performed the same attack, but the thick shell armor prevented the attack from doing any damage.

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On the next attempt, Luffy geared it up by using his Jet Stamp to defeat the monster.

Big Mom’s crazy illness strikes!

Back in the Whole Cake Island, the massive Emperor has another craving induced rampage, and the whole place is on high alert as Big Mom destroys everything in her path. The violence was revealed to be an illness that Big Mom has for quite a while. The Emperor will eat and destroy everything will around her and the only way to stop her is to give her a bite of the thing she is craving. This time, Big Mom wants croquembouche which is a dessert that consists of a pile of cream puffs piled into a cone and bound by threads of caramel. With no other option to stop her, the officers of the Big Mom Pirates has no other way but minimize the damage and to wait for their chefs to make the sweets.

Episode 789 spoilers

As Big Mom continues her craving induced rampage, a returning character will make a comeback in the upcoming episode of “One Piece” titled "The Capital City Falls!? Big Mom and Jinbe." The captain of the Sun Pirates will arrive to save the day and feed Big Mom of anthropomorphic croquembouche tourist to satiate the Emperor.

Big Mom thank the Fishman for the snack and the poneglyph that Jinbe gave her. Jinbe will then express his desire to leave the Emperor’s crew which anger’s Bib Mom. Amidst the knowledge of the Emperor, Jinbe is leaving the team to join the Straw Hats as he firmly believes that Luffy will be the one to claim the title of Pirate King someday and save Fishman Island.