In episode 786 of "One Piece." Luffy and his friends finally arrive in Totto Land but are almost arrested for eating at a cafe. Fortunately, Pudding, the owner of that cafe, saves them from the police officer and invites them over to her house. In episode 787, the Straw Hat Pirates make an astonishing discovery, as Pudding reveals that she is, in fact, Sanji's fiancee.

Episode 787: The Emperor's daughter

"One Piece" episode 787 is titled "The Emperor's daughter! Sanji's fiancee - Pudding!" Fans of the show already know that Pudding is Sanji's fiancee, as Vito, a member of the Fire Tank Pirates, showed Sanji a photo of her.

However, Luffy and his friends were initially oblivious to the fact that Pudding was a daughter of Big Mom and Sanji's wife-to-be. While talking to Pudding at her house, Luffy accidentally reveals his true identity. As a result, Pudding goes into a frenzy and pulls out a knife to defend herself from the pirates.

Pedro effortlessly subdues her, but Luffy orders the mink to release her. The Straw Hats then continue talking to Pudding, who reveals that she has already met Sanji. While she is seemingly in love with Sanji, Pudding says that she doesn't want to force him to marry her. In a surprising twist, she then offers to help Luffy and his friends save Sanji from the clutches of Big Mom. Pudding hands the pirates a hand-drawn map of Totto Land and tells them to meet her at Whole Cake Island, the central island in Big Mom's territory, where she will wait for them with Sanji.

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At this point in the anime, we have already seen two of Sanji's siblings, namely Reiju and Yonji. Sanji was, of course, revealed to be a member of a royal family in the North Blue, known as the Vinsmokes. The Vinsmokes have a notorious reputation and hold dominion over the evil army named Germa 66. The powerful Yonko Big Mom seems to be keen on getting her hands on the Germa 66. This is why she arranged a political marriage between Sanji and Pudding.

Not much is known of the Germa 66 so far, though. In "One Piece" episode 787, however, we get a brief glimpse of the Germa 66 as they prepare for war. More importantly, we get to see the two remaining brothers of Sanji, who, like Reiju and Yonji, serve as commanders for the Germa 66. Fans can expect to see Sanji's brothers and the Germa 66 in action once episode 788 is released.

Where is Pekoms?

After talking to Pudding, the Straw Hats return to their ship, the Thousand Sunny, as they prepare to set sail to Whole Cake Island. When they arrive at the ship, Luffy and his friends realize that Pekoms is missing.

They immediately begin to search the ship for the mink, but it's all in vain. While Pekoms is no longer on the ship, Chopper discovers that he left a message behind. This message was engraved in the bathroom floor and read: "Turn back!" It remains unclear what happened to Pekoms, but the Straw Hats conclude that Big Mom is most likely aware that they're in her territory. Luffy is unfazed by this, though, and orders his crew to "go on."