At the end of "One Piece" episode 785, Luffy and his friends finally arrive at Whole Cake Island after a brief encounter with two of Sanji's siblings, Reiju and Yonji. The Straw Hats are, of course, on a mission to rescue Sanji, who has been abducted by the Big Mom Pirates to wed one of the Yonko's daughters. Upon their arrival on the mysterious island, Luffy and Chopper rush on ahead and discover that the infrastructure is completely made out of sweets and edibles. It was really no surprise that Episode 786 of "One Piece" would kick off with Luffy and Chopper having a grand old time snacking on the buildings.

Episode 786: 'Totto Land! Emperor Big Mom appears!'

While Luffy and Chopper explore Whole Cake Island, they notice the racial diversity on the island.


Chopper, who is known to be a lover of sweets and candies, starts drooling at the sight of the buildings, which mainly consist of chocolate. Meanwhile, Nami and the rest change clothes to adapt to the island's fashion. Their aim is to not attract any unnecessary attention, as they're on an undercover mission to save their cook from the clutches of Big Mom.

In a comedic moment, the perverted Brook sneaks up on Nami to try and look up her skirt. As usual, the Straw Hat's ferocious navigator gives the skeleton a good beating. Carrot, who has never left Zou before, is overly enthusiastic and excited at the prospect of exploring the Island. Pekoms then reveals that Whole Cake Island is the home to a variety of races and a utopia where everyone lives in harmony without the fear of discrimination.

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In the meantime, Luffy and Chopper have already gotten themselves in trouble with the law by eating the walls of a cafe. The rest of the crew arrive at the scene and just when Pedro was about to attack the police offer, the owner of the cafe appears on a flying carpet.

Pudding saves the Straw Hats

The owner of the cafe turns out to be Pudding, Sanji's fiancee and the 35th daughter of Big Mom. She saves Luffy and Chopper from being incarcerated by telling the police officer that they are a demolition crew. As the crowd of onlookers departs, Pudding reveals that she was so flattered by Luffy's and Chopper's compliments for her delicious cafe that she decided to help them.

She then invites the Straw Hats over to her house.


Before Luffy and his friends leave the scene, Pedro is greeted by a mysterious mink, who cries tears of joy at the sight of his friend. Interestingly, the unnamed mink addresses Pedro as "Captain Pedro." Pedro orders the mink to remain silent about his whereabouts. This shows that Pedro seems to have some kind of connection to Whole Cake Island and Big Mom. Once the Straw Hats arrive at Pudding's house, Luffy and the rest continue feasting on chocolate.

Big Mom's grand entrance

The highlight of the episode is hands down the introduction of Big Mom. While the Yonko sings a song about the upcoming tea party, 3 of Big Mom's underlings have been deployed to 3 separate islands in order to gather some ingredients for the wedding cake. In the process, each of them annihilates an entire army, demonstrating the crew's frightening strength. The entire sequence is accentuated by Big Mom's song that effectively gives viewers a first impression of this arc's primary antagonist. Throughout this musical piece, Big Mom is surrounded by colorful yet twisted figures, who act as her backing vocalists.

The absurd and paradoxical nature of this scene, which definitely had a Disneyesque feel to it, shows that Whole Cake Island may not be as peaceful as it seems. The episode ends with Big Mom revealing that she knows that Luffy is on Whole Cake Island. This revelation showcases the Yonko's sphere of influence and, more importantly, indicates that someone must have snitched on the Straw Hats.