In the latest episode of “One Piece,” we saw Pudding as she reveals herself as a member of the Charlotte family. Previously, Luffy and Chopper were in trouble because of eating a whole chocolate cafe owned by the Emperor's daughter. Thanks to the lady patissier, the pirates were not reprimanded and were even invited for more snacks. Luffy carelessly revealed his identity as the famous pirate captain, startling Pudding. Pudding, on the other hand, admitted that she will be the one to marry Sanji when she was asked by Nami. Pudding offered her help to the Straw Hats in saving Sanji, but Pedro was hesitant to receive help from the daughter of the enemy.

Episode 787 recap

The previous episode, titled "The Yonko's Daughter – Sanji's Fiancée Pudding", kicked off with Luffy telling his real name to Pudding. Though shocked at first, Pudding eventually settled when the Straw Hats assured her that they are not there to hurt her. Upon knowing the crew’s main agenda, she volunteered to help the pirates. Pudding told the Straw Hats that even though Big Mom’s orders are absolute, she can’t force Sanji to marry her.

The retrieval team was very happy to hear that they have found a new ally in Pudding. However, Pedro is not convinced. Pedro claimed that Pudding is a daughter of Big Mom and that there is no way that she will help the strangers who might possibly take away her future groom. To convince the mink that she is on their side, Pudding drew a detailed map that shows a secret route to Whole Cake Island without getting noticed.

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Pudding claimed that this route will ensure their safety as it is a route that is only known to Big Mom's children.

Episode 788 spoilers

With the secret route on their hands, the Straw Hats set off from Cocoa island to navigate the waters of Totto land. Following Pudding’s route, they managed to reach an island made of jam. Carrot and Chopper are excited to dock at the island, but Nami said that they will not be docking to avoid surveillance. As they continue their journey, a giant centipede monster suddenly shows up and the Straw Hats prepare to face it.

Meanwhile, on Whole Cake Island, Big Mom is suffering again from her insane cravings. This time around, she is longing for croquembouche so badly that she leaves a path of destruction just to look for the sweets. The emperor eats everything in Big Mom's path. Big Mom even killed her own son when he tried to calm her. Thankfully, Jinbe arrived with some croquembouche. The fishman immediately throw the sweets into Big Mom’s mouth satiating the emperor.