Things appear to be working in the favor of Luffy, Bege, and the rest of the gang. The temporary alliance of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Fire Tank is going well. The scheme they so carefully planned seems to be working so far. Even the tiniest of details were foreseen and prepared for. As a result, the plan was executed successfully and things went as planned in “One Piece” chapter 865.

Chapter 865 review

Recently, chapter 865 of the hit manga series "One Piece" was released. The chapter proved several predictions and fan theories to be accurate. Aside from that, the chapter revealed that Luffy successfully did his part of showing Big Mom the picture of Mother Caramel amidst all forms of opposition.

As previously predicted, the picture alone weakened the leader of the Charlottes. Upon seeing the broken picture, the iron-skinned lady let out a scream that caused most of the Charlottes to faint.

Vinsmokes' brush with death

When Big Mom let out her ear-piercing scream, she knocked down her underlings. Several of them at that moment were on the verge of assassinating the Vinsmoke family. The perfectly-timed scream saved the Vinsmokes from their impending death. The episode also showed that no matter what happens, family is still family. This was shown when Sanji saved his father and siblings from the brink of death. He broke the candy that bound his family and set them free. With his heroic deed, the family now owe their lives to him. It is worth noting how they will treat Sanji as the manga unfolds.

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Mother Caramel's picture

This heavily speculated picture has been the subject of several speculations. At the last part of chapter 865, the leader of the Charlottes was presented misty-eyed and appeared to be remembering a painful event that happened six decades ago. This signifies the possibility of unveiling the mystery that shrouds the photo and its connection to the terrified Big Mom. What could possibly be the reason behind the psychological effect of the picture on the indestructible iron-skinned lady?

One theory suggests that the photo is the mother of Charlotte. The theory is based on the previous chapter, where Big Mom was talking to the picture and calling it Mother, pointing out that the person in the picture was in fact, her mother.

It looks like the upcoming episode of "One Piece" will finally reveal the secret that will answer all the questions about the identity of Mother Caramel and her connection to Big Mom. Stay tuned for the latest updates as the information becomes available.