Unfortunately, there will be no new chapter of "One Piece" this week, which means that Chapter 866 of the popular Shonen manga won't be released until May 25.

In chapter 865, Big Mom finally broke down after Luffy showed her the shattered remains of Mother Caramel's photo. While it's still unclear who Mother Caramel is at this point, Capone Bege has previously stated that she is probably some kind of benefactor to Big Mom.

In this article, we will be predicting what could happen next in "One Piece."

Big Mom's past and Mother Caramel

At the end of chapter 865, Big Mom reminisces her past and the sudden disappearance of Mother Caramel.


With the last three panels kickstarting a flashback sequence, we are sure to find out more about Big Mom's past and her relationship with Mother Caramel in the upcoming chapter.

The flashback is set to take place 63 years ago at Elbaf, the kingdom of the giants. Eiichiro Oda, the author of "One Piece," has previously stated that Big Mom is 68-years-old in the current timeline, which means that the Yonko, otherwise known as Charlotte Linlin, will be a mere child during the flashback.

Surely, fans of "One Piece" can expect to find out more about Big Mom and her motivations, once Oda reveals her past.

We already know that Big Mom's relationship with the giants broke down after her daughter, Lola, ran away from the wedding with Loki, the prince of the kingdom of the giants. Ironically, Big Mom's story will begin at Elbaf, and this will surely tie into her strained relationship with the giants.

Presumably, Mother Caramel, who must've been a guardian for Big Mom during her early childhood, abandoned the future Yonko at Elbaf. Why this happened is currently unknown, but we'll surely find out more once chapter 866 is released.


Oda reveals significant background information on Big Mom

In the SBS, the Q&A column of the "One Piece" manga, of volume 85, Oda reveals some crucial background information on Big Mom. First of all, he revealed the Yonko's age as previously mentioned.

More importantly, however, Oda states that Big Mom has been annually giving birth to children for the past 42 years. In total, the Charlotte Family consists of 85 children, with Big Mom having taken numerous husbands over the past decades.

As a result of this revelation, many "One Piece" fans are now speculating that Big Mom may actually be pregnant in the current arc.

And her behavior over the last few chapters certainly supports this theory.

The Yonko has been an emotional trainwreck, and her constant mood swings and cravings for sweets are very common symptoms and signs of pregnancy. However, it is currently unknown whether Charlotte Linlin has a husband at present.

If the Yonko is, in fact, pregnant, it would raise a moral question, though, as Capone Bege is in the process of trying to murder Linlin. As of now, Big Mom's pregnancy remains a theory that sounds rather plausible, nonetheless.