Fans of "One Piece" manga know that Big Mom's scream is a big thing, and everyone - especially Luffy and his crew - have been waiting for it. Chapter 864 was thrilling, but it ended with no scream at all from Big Mom. When "One Piece" chapter 865 was released, manga fans were excited to see if that big moment will come, and luckily, it did. With the events that happened in this current chapter, it only means one thing - Chapter 866 is going to be even more amazing.

Just a quick recap about "One Piece" chapter 865 before we move on. The reason why Big Mom did not scream on chapter 864 is that she can't decide on which to be more upset about - the fact that Luffy destroyed the wedding cake, or Brook destroying Mother Caramel's picture.

The Vinsmokes are racing against time, and they have to do something do make Big Mom upset enough to scream her lungs out.

The effect of Mother Caramel's broken photo

That terrifying moment is going to come real soon, thankfully. Capone Bege had a light-bulb moment, thinking that if they show Big Mom the destroyed picture the second time, it may infuriate her so much, and so he devised a plan. It did not come easy because Commander Dogtooth tried to stop him, but Bege was able to take him down. Suddenly, Luffy successfully showed Big Mom the torn photo, and that's when she let out a huge scream.

It was very timely, too, because had Big Mom not done that, all of the Vinsmokes will be dead. Her scream knocked out a lot of Big Mom's minions, which saved the Vinsmokes's lives. "One Piece" chapter 865 was not all action, because there were some emotional moments, too, like when Sanji saved her siblings and his father, despite how badly they treated him.

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They have finally learned to appreciate the kindness in Sanji.

What happened to Big Mom's mother?

The big question among manga fans now is: why did Big Mom get very angry over a destroyed photo? What does the photo have to do with Big Mom being who she is? "One Piece" chapter 866 is expected to answer these questions, and it may feature a backstory. On the final page of chapter 865, a backstory was already featured, but it was not enough to answer all our questions.

The final page showed Big Mom reminiscing about an event that happened 63 years ago. The memory showed her talking to her mother, who suddenly disappeared. Fans are also quick enough to notice the word "Elbaf" written on the bottom of the page. We know that this all left fans hanging, but manga fans have to wait at least a week before "One Piece" chapter 866 is released, as the manga takes a short break. There will be no new chapters next week.