At the end of chapter 864, Capone Bege finally revealed his true intentions to Katakuri. Meanwhile, the Vinsmokes have been completely surrounded by Big Mom's children. Big Mom is, of course, in a state of confusion after Brook shattered the picture of Mother Caramel with a hammer.

To get the plan back on track, Luffy picks up the broken pieces of the picture and wants to show them to Big Mom. The spoilers for chapter 865, which is titled "Hey, Mother," now reveal what will happen next.

Katakuri interferes, and Sanji rescues his family

While Luffy and the rest of his pirate alliance are facing off against Big Mom and her crew, Caesar is setting up their escape route with the help of Brulee.

In the meantime, Sanji attempts to rescue his family.


In chapter 864, the Vinsmokes were incapacitated and surrounded by Big Mom's children, with guns pointed at their heads. Sanji, however, struggles to reach his family, as Daifuku continues his vicious attack on him. Reiju sees her brother struggle and thanks him in an inner monolog.

Charlotte Katakuri, who can see into the future, tries to prevent Luffy from showing the remains of Mother Caramel's picture to Big Mom. Bege, Pedro, and Jinbei interfere and attack the Sweet Commander. Their efforts are in vain, however, as Katakuri uses his abilities of the Mochi Mochi no Mi to dodge all incoming attacks. Katakuri then captures Luffy, but still, manages to show the picture to Big Mom by stretching his arms. At this point, the Yonko completely snaps.

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Big Mom lets out an ear-numbing scream

Everything seems to go according to plan, as Big Mom finally screams. The guests at the wedding collapse one by one, and even a majority of the children surrounding the Vinsmokes faint.

As a result, Sanji, who is presumably wearing earplugs, reaches his family and frees them. Nami and Carrot also appear and hand the Vinsmokes their raid suits. Big Mom continues to scream and falls to the ground, scraping her knees in the process. Bege then points his poisonous rocket launcher at the Yonko and prepares to shoot her.

However, Big Mom is no longer mentally present and is thinking about Mother Caramel. She wonders why her benefactor suddenly disappeared all these years ago.


A flashback then starts on the island of Elbaf, home of the Giants, 63 years ago.

According to the spoilers, there won't be a chapter next week. This means that chapter 866 probably won't be released until May 25.