Chapter 864 of "One Piece" was an exhilarating ride for fans of the manga. After realizing that Brook had destroyed the picture of Mother Caramel, Big Mom is slowly but steadily going into full meltdown. Readers, of course, know that the Yonko is set to release a powerful shriek as a result of Brook's action.

According to Capone Bege, this scream is going to incapacitate everyone at the wedding but, luckily, Luffy and his pirate alliance are well prepared for what is coming.

Amid all this carnage, it is hard to predict what will happen in the upcoming chapter.

One thing is certain, though: Readers can expect the mastermind of this entire operation, Capone Bege, to play a key role in chapter 865.


Will Bege's plan work out as expected?

The plan that Bege proposed to Luffy and his friends seemed rather straightforward: Break Mother Caramel's picture, wait for Big Mom to break down, and then shoot her with a poisonous rocket launcher. However, the operation is not working out as initially planned.

To start with, Sanji's family, the Vinsmokes, who were supposed to be rescued by Nami, Chopper, and Carrot, are already surrounded by Big Mom's underlings. Furthermore, Bege explicitly stated that his pirate alliance with Luffy would most certainly be overpowered by the Big Mom Pirates if they were to fight an all-out battle. While the assassination plot was supposed to be executed within a matter of seconds, the commanders have already gotten involved.

Bege further claimed that Big Mom would go into meltdown 3 seconds after the destruction of Mother Caramel's portrait.

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Her complete breakdown seems to be taking longer than expected, though. While Big Mom is in a state of confusion, she has yet to release her powerful shriek. It's all a huge mess really, but, fortunately, Big Mom's plan to massacre the Vinsmokes isn't going perfectly either.

More importantly, It remains to be seen whether Caesar's poisonous rocket launcher will really be enough to finish off a Yonko. After all, Pekoms did warn Bege: "Underestimating Mama will be your downfall!" If Big Mom isn't defeated and somehow regains consciousness, the only option for Luffy and his friends is to run.

Big Mom may react differently than anticipated

While Luffy and the others were discussing the Big Mom assassination plan, Bege's wife, Charlotte Chiffon, described in detail how her mother reacted to someone dropping the picture of Mother Caramel. Fans of 'One Piece' already know that the Yonko is supposed to go into a violent fit. However, Brook didn't just drop the photo - he completely demolished it.

Could it be possible that Big Mom might react differently now that the picture has been destroyed and not just dropped? What if she goes on a full-fledged rampage, instead of just shrieking? She's already been shown to be highly impulsive and temperamental. In chapter 829, for example, Big Mom nearly destroyed an entire city simply because she didn't get her croquembouche. The Yonko even went as far as killing one of her children with her ability and, as of now, hasn't shown any remorse.

Maybe Katakuri, the strongest of the Sweet Commanders, went pale because he saw the destruction and mayhem that Big Mom would cause to enemy and ally alike. Furthermore, Luffy is planning on sticking the broken pieces of Mother Caramel's photo into Big Mom's face. Perhaps that is why Katakuri ordered Bege to kill off Luffy at once.

It remains to be seen how this operation turns out, but it's highly unlikely that Luffy and his friends will get out of this unscathed.