After a 1-week-break due to Golden Week, "One Piece" fans are set to be rewarded with an early chapter as the popular manga resumes its weekly serialization. The first spoilers have now been released online on various fan forums. Previously, Monkey D. Luffy and his crewmates formed an alliance with Jinbei and the Fire Tank Pirates in order to bring down the mighty Yonko, Big Mom, and save Sanji's family, the Vinsmokes. Chapter 863 ended on a cliffhanger, with Brook, disguised as Luffy, destroying the picture of Mother Caramel.


While it remains unclear who Mother Caramel is, the captain of the Fire Tank Pirates, Capone "Gang" Bege, revealed that the destruction of her portrait would cause Big Mom to break down. The aforementioned spoilers now reveal what will happen in the upcoming chapter.

Title for chapter 864 and summary

According to the spoilers posted to Mangahelpers, chapter 864 of One Piece will be titled "The Plan to massacre the Vinsmoke family." Readers of the manga already know of Big Mom's plan to take over the Germa 66 by massacring the entire Vinsmoke family.

The spoilers further reveal that One Piece 864 picks up right where the previous chapter left off. After having demolished Mother Caramel's portrait with a hammer, Brook reveals his true identity to Big Mom and surprises her. In the meantime,

Pudding attempts to shoot Sanji with her revolver, but he manages to dodge all incoming bullets. Pudding then claims that Sanji is just another of her many victims that she has deceived in the past. She falters, however, when Sanji asks her whether she was really planning on murdering him.


"Even me, Pudding-chan?," says Sanji, according to the forum post on Mangahelpers. The third son of the Charlotte family, Daifuku, then intervenes and begins to fight Sanji. We have only gotten a brief glimpse of Daifuku in chapter 861 so far, but the spoilers reveal that he uses the so-called Hoya Hoya no Mi and is a lamp human. Apparently, he has the ability to summon a genie, whom he uses to attack Sanji. Pedro also gets involved in a fight with Oven, who ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi devil fruit and has the ability to emit intense heat from his body.

The Vinsmokes are restrained and surrounded

Amid the commotion, Bege pins down Luffy, but it's all part of the plan. Bege then uses this opportunity to update Luffy on the current status of their master plan. Elsewhere, the Vinsmokes have been completely restrained by candy and are surrounded by Big Mom's goons. Reiju, who already knew of Big Mom's intentions, calmly accepts her family's fate. Her father Judge, on the other hand, desperately cries out to Big Mom. "My whole life and all the things I have! They've all been to enact my revenge against the countries of the North Blue! I've devoted it all to restoring the Germa Empire, Big mom! Say something, Big Mom," says the patriarch of the Vinsmoke family.


Big Mom, however, remains unresponsive, as she stands frozen in horror at the sight of Mother Caramel's broken picture. Brook then rubs salt into her wound by sticking the shattered portrait into her face. The strongest of the Sweet Commanders, Katakuri, approaches Brook and it is at this moment that Bege orders his underlings to commence the assault on the incapacitated Big Mom. The chapter ends with Katakuri ordering Bege to take out Luffy. Bege, of course, refuses and says that Katakuri isn't the only person who gets to decide the outcome of the future. As there have been no pictures uploaded of the upcoming chapter, it remains to be seen whether these spoilers turn out to be true.