Hey, "Dragon Ball Super" fans! Things will definitely be looking quite interesting in this new episode 93 as Goku actually tries to get Baba to raise his archenemy Frieza from the depths of Hell so he can fight with them in the big "Tournament Of Power!" We'll also see Kale's true power get unleashed at some point and it will be so impressive that she will get trained to become a Super Saiyan!

Not soon enough

Let's go ahead and get started with the long title for this installment. Whoever is in charge of naming the episodes decided to call this one: "You're The 10th Warrior! Goku Visits Frieza!!" That's another very pin point accurate title to describe what we'll be seeing in this episode. They started out their plot summary by telling us that Goku is going to finally see that poor Buu is just not going to wake up.


They've apparently tried everything they can as they tell us that he just won't wake up no matter what they do! It sounds like he might as well just be dead. Will this guy ever wake up? According to what they're saying, not soon enough for this big tournament.

In light of this very devastating news, we're going to see Goku make a suggestion that would involve recruiting his most formidable enemy to join their team as a new 10th member! Everyone in their right mind is going to quickly object to this seemingly crazy idea. Will Goku let everyone's negative opinions get to him and cause him to back down from his idea?

Doesn't hesitate

Goku actually doesn't hesitate to hit up the fortuneteller Baba to go ahead and resurrect Frieza from the deepest depths of Hell.

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Frieza will be resurrected for just 24 hours so he can be allowed to join their team and fight with them!

Will Baba honor Goku's request and go through with the crazy resurrection scheme? Or will he maybe refuse it? Those are the big questions for this storyline. Unfortunately, that's the part they wouldn't answer, so we'll have to wait around until this episode airs to find it out.

Kale's true power

Next, it was also revealed that we'll see Kale in action at some point and it's going to be major as her true power is going to get unleashed! Because of this, Caulifla is going to decide to train her to be a Super Saiyan. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like this will be the best of ideas as we're told that, while training, Kale is going to discover the power that really terrifies her Universe 6 comrades.


Episode 93 is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 4, 2017. Stay tuned.