Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. It's that time again. We've got some giant spoiler scoops for this new week of May 29 to June 2,2017. At some point, Steffy will feel the need to get all up in Sally's face to make sure to tell her that Spectra can't compete with the Forrester label! Some major drama is going to go down with Katie and Quinn early in the week. Saul is going to get very jealous of Thomas and more! Once again, we have CBS to thank for these great storyline spoiler teasers by way of highlighthollywood.com and Soaps.com.

Partner up

Lets go ahead and jump right into these Monday, May 29 episode scoops.

We're going to be seeing Sally and Saul in this first one. Saul will be busy trying to convince Sally that they should partner up because he's 100 percent sure that they would make a great team. Will Sally accept his invitation to combine forces? Or will she totally reject him? These are the big questions for this storyline.

A second chance

Next, they tell us that we'll be seeing Thomas be given a second chance to redeem himself with his family. Will he make the most of this opportunity? Or will he totally just blow it? That's all the information they gave us for that so we'll certainly have to tune in to find out. It does sound like a very interesting situation.

In the Tuesday, May 30, 2017 episode, we're going to be seeing Thomas in some more scenes.

This time, he's going to be very busy with the Spectra sisters as they tell us that he's going to make a very serious attempt to arrange a situation where they can hopefully reconcile their differences. Will his attempt work? Or will the sisters just be too far gone at this point? Hopefully, those questions will get answered in this episode. We'll see.

Her career goals

Next, we have the very intense situation involving Katie and Quinn. At some point, Katie is going to be so freaking pissed off that she will threaten to take out some major vengeance on Quinn for trying to stand in her way of achieving her career goals. Wow! What will this vengeance plot entail? Will she actually go through with it?

We can't wait to find out. It sounds like Quinn better definitely watch her freaking back.

Now, we're at the middle of the week for Wednesday's May 31, 2017 episode teasers. In this one, we're going to see Saul display some very jealous and resentful emotions towards Thomas! Apparently, Thomas is going to really assert himself and his required guidelines as the new boss of Spectra Fashions and this just isn't going to sit right with Saul. Will Saul eventually act out on his feelings? Or will he just bottle them up until they explode one day? It'll certainly be interesting to see how this storyline continues to play out.

Compromise with Katie

Elsewhere in another scene, we'll be seeing Ridge make an attempt at calming Quinn's fears by suggesting that she come to some sort of compromise with Katie so that she'll keep her freaking mouth shut.

Will Quinn go ahead and take Ridge's advice? Or is this thing about to turn ugly?

It's time for Thursday's June 1, 2017 episode intel. In it, we'll be seeing Eric try to make a last ditch attempt to convince Thomas to stick around at Forest Creations with his family. Then we'll see some more action from Katie. Apparently, she's going to find out that Ridge is currently living at the Forrester Mansion, and it's really going to make her suspicions flare up about what the hell is really going on.

Mixed reviews

Finally, in the Friday June 2, 2017 episode, some mixed reviews will go down in regards to the news of Thomas' latest business venture. Then last but most certainly not least, we're going to get a scene that features a big confrontation between Steffy and Sally!

They tell us that Steffy is going to tell her that Spectra Fashions will never be any real competition for her precious Forrester Creations. How will Sally react? Could we see a fight brewing? One thing's for sure. The end of this week is going to be fire! Stay tuned.

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