After the climatic cavalry battle, My Hero Academia is gearing up for another exhilarating and battle-oriented episodes. The episode titled "The Boy Born with Everything," delivered an outstanding chapter that features a huge character development to Todoroki Shoto. While Episode 19 is far from the previous episodes in terms of action, it made up for the differences by introducing Shoto’s troubled backstory. The U.A. sports festival is now about to go on the one-on-one tournament stage and the episode did a good job of providing a breather.

Calm before the storm

So far, the only thing we knew about Shoto is that he’s one of the students who managed to enter U.A.

through recommendation. The previous season only portrayed him as a background character with an amazing battle suited quirk. Since season 2 kicked off, Shoto is really shining as a rival character for Izuku Midoriya. The previous episode also revealed that Shoto is the son of the number 2 hero, Endeavor.

Episode 19 also revealed Shoto’s bitter past and Endeavor’s plans to take the number one spot from the Symbol of Peace, All Might. Shoto mentioned that the Flame Hero only sought his mother to conceive a child with a strong quirk that can surpass All Might. With that being said, we gained an understanding as to why Shoto is hellbent on defeating Izuku who is the protege of All Might.

Izuku vs Shinso

Episode 19 ended with a cliffhanger scene where Izuku’s battle with the purple haired kid from class 1-C named Hitoshi Shinso had just started.

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The gloomy kid’s quirk remains a mystery, but spoilers suggest that Shinso’s quirk is somehow similar to brainwashing. In the previous episode, Ojiro warned Izuku not to verbally respond to Shinso as it is the trigger to activating his quirk. Unfortunately, Izuku fell under Shinso’s spell as he responded to Shinso’s taunts.

After assuming control of Izuku’s body, Shinso will order Izuku to walk and leave the ring. However, Izuku will manage to get free of Shinso’s brainwashing seconds before he walks out-of-bounds. Izuku will then try to push Shinso out of the ring. Shinso will retaliate by punching his attacker. Izuku, on the other hand, will counter by grabbing Shinso’s arm and throwing him outside the ring, eliminating him from the tournament. Izuku will then go ahead to the next round of the tournament where he will probably face Shoto Todoroki with his fearsome Hot Cold, Half Hot quirk.