This season on "Married at First Sight" fans love Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico. They seem like a great match, but they have had a few issues. Ashley isn't ready to change her last name, and Anthony isn't quite ready to have kids. They just got married, but Ashley has made it very clear that she wants children sooner rather than later. Anthony really wants to be financially secure before they do it. Now a post that Ashley did on Instagram has everyone wondering if she is single again. Do you think that they have already split?

What did Ashley post that has everyone wondering?

Ashley went to her Instagram and shared a photo with two of her friends on what appears to be a road trip.

It is a guy, and a girl and she says that they are headed to Nashville. Of course, if her husband was with her, she wouldn't be able to share that news. The thing is her hashtags have everyone curious. They say, "#meddlingintheirmarriage #alwaysthethirdwheel."

Why would Ashley Petta always be the third wheel if she has a husband? It really does sound like things possibly didn't work out, but it is hard to tell. She could just mean that she is the third wheel because Anthony isn't allowed to be seen out with her in public at all. Ashley was single for a bit before getting married at first sight, so she might be thinking about that time of her life as well.

Ashley confuses fans with her Twitter posts

The thing is Ashley is constantly talking back and forth to Anthony on her Twitter.

She tags him in things and talks to him about stuff. It is obvious that they are at least still on speaking terms and are playing it up for the show. The fans would love to hear the details about what is going on with them, but they aren't allowed to say anything just yet. They have to try really hard to keep it a secret if they can, but sometimes the spoilers do end up getting leaked.

For now, fans are going to have to wonder about Ashley and Anthony. They don't want spoilers to get out at all, and they are going to try to avoid this happening. Only time will tell if Ashley and Anthony will really last or not. There are three couples this season and the fans are hopeful that at least one couple will last, but you never know.

Do you think that Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico didn't make it?

Do you feel like any couples will last this season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Married at First Sight" on Lifetime. This season has been a great one so far.

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