It’s a brand new week and “General Hospital” will once again start with an intense twist and turn of events. For the May 22 to 26 spoilers, things will be incredibly fun, but there will be tears and terrifying scenes.

As the Nurse’s Ball is about to starts, there will be a lot of shocking revelations fans are about to witness in the long-running daytime television medical drama this week. As the event’s guests have no idea what is about to transpire, Jake’s (Hudson West) will make a big change in Port Charles.

Carly and Sonny

Aside from the Nurse’s Ball, Carly (Laura Wright) will go berserk as she finds Sonny (Maurice Bernard) on the bed with another woman - Martina (Daya Vaidya) in “General Hospital.” Later, fans will see Michael (Chad Duell) having a serious talk with Sonny.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) will also join the issue as Michael will tell him what just happened, thus he will give Sonny some advice.

Ava’s secret and Alex, Anna’s twin switch

In spite of Scott’s (Kin Shriner) warning to Ava (Maura West) to stop her evil plans, she will still push her way and try her luck to do what she wants. It has been known that she’s hiding a top secret; thus she just can’t risk everything and play with fire. So if things got worse, there is a big chance that her cloak and dagger will come out in “General Hospital.

Additionally, Griffin (Matt Cohen) is about to give Jason (Billy Miller) a big news he never expects. He is about to know that Alex (Finola Hughes) is posing as Anna (Finola Hughes). The two will try their best to solve the mystery of the twin switch, but it looks like they will be solving the puzzle a little late than expected.

Valentin’s secret

Moreover, the storylines of “General Hospital” are about to collide during the chimera tragedy at Nurse’s Ball. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) will be caught red-handed in the middle of the chaos, but he is about to make a scene first before he gets caught.

Anna will be asking for Valentin’s help, but he will just let her be. Although it is his fault why their marriage got broken, she will try her best to cooperate with him.

However, he will be seen having a hard time to deal with her.

Meanwhile, Valentin will take an effort to make a move for Nina (Michelle Stafford). Now he feels sorry for putting her behind and making her his second option. However, it looks like she will give him another chance. Thus fans of this couple can bet for another romance to happen. “General Hospital” airs every weekday on ABC.

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