It is a fact that Frieza also known as freezer will be recruited by Goku to participate in the power tournament. However, we think that the space tyrant will not easily yield to Goku's request, since their relationship is very conflictive due to the years of enmity they have.

As we know, Majin buu will fall asleep before the power tournament. His arduous training paid off, but he completely depleted his energies, leaving him exhausted and unable to fight.

After this, Goku - with the help of Uranai Baba - will go in search of his worst enemy to the hell of the Earth.

What will Frieza's conditions be?

As much as Goku tells him that the universe is in danger, we doubt that Frieza is immersed in this.


The tyrant never cared about the welfare of the universe and only thinks about his own. On the other hand, Goku could offer him a wish from the super spheres of the dragon, which are more powerful than those that Friezas once knew. This would undoubtedly draw the Changlong's attention, for he always longed for a desire in these spheres.

What would Frieza want?

In the first place, the first requirement that Frieza would ask would be his immediate resurrection. However, we know that Goku will ask for a 24-hour deadline for him. Maybe Goku tells him that if they win the tournament the wish will be fulfilled. On the other hand, the conditions of Frieza would not end here, since the greatest longing for this has always been eternal life.


Would Bills' presence intimidate him?

Yes a little bit. However, Frieza is dead and Beerus depends a lot on his participation, since if he does not participate the elimination of the universe will be imminent. Thanks to this, the former emperor of the universe will take advantage of this and play with the despair of the destroyer (and Goku himself) to fulfill their whims.

As you can see, the balance tilts a lot for Frieza who has all the win in this tug of war between him and the Saiyajin. Frieza has nothing to lose because he is already dead, and if the universe disappears he would not affect him since the very existence would be erased. That is to say, it is inevitable something, as the android said 17.


The worst thing that could happen for Frieza is that before his conditions are fulfilled, Majin Buu awakens and all his desires which were about to be granted are forgotten.