Its been several months since we saw Vegetto's presence in "Dragon Ball Super," debuting in the saga of Zamasu, however, we only saw the fusion in combat for a few minutes. That said, many believe that his first appearance foreshadowed what was to come. Due to the fact that the chances of the character appearing in the tournament of Power are very high, viewers have high expectations that this fusion just might make an appearance in the Tournament of Power.


The first thing that must be taken into account is the fact that the Tournament of Power is about just that -- power. The primary goal of this entire endeavor is to bring together the strongest warriors from the entire universe of Dragon Ball and pit them against each other in the biggest tournament of the entire series.


That said, it makes sense that the strongest warriors should compete, and the fusion Vegetto ranks among the strongest ever.

But if this happens, what will be the reaction of the other participants? There may very well be an outcry, as the merger of two participants is stronger than any other technique, especially when Vegetto’s power level reaches the Super Saiyan Blue phase. The only reason why this decision might be accepted, and why Vegetto might be allowed to compete, is if other universes are also allowed to compete with their own fusions.

Time limit

If this happens, let's not forget that fighters will not be fused for life, because in the anime and manga it was revealed that if two people who are not Kaioshin Supreme fuse, then the merger will only last for 1 hour, which means we have a good chance of seeing several mergers in the Tournament of Power.

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In addition to Vegetto's return, other characters will likely merge and create supreme beings, approaching the power levels of the Gods of Destruction, no doubt.

Hopefully this option will be taken into account as the new episodes progress, and the Tournament of Power progresses as well. Viewers will have to tune in to new episodes to find out more.