Toyotaro was the great guest of honor at the Napoli Comic Con 2017, held in Italy where he could not leave, without granting an interview about his work on "Dragon Ball Super." Here, we will share the most important parts of the conversation.

Blasting News (BN) How were you chosen as Toriyama's successor?

Toyotaro (T) I introduced myself to Sueisha saying that I wanted to draw for "Dragon Ball Super." Then they gave me the opportunity to draw the series related to the video game (Dragon Ball Heroes) and after three months I was offered to draw two pages of "Dragon Ball Super," and that's where it all started, I was very happy.


BN: - How is your relationship with Toriyama? What advice do you give?

T: - Toriyama writes first the script and the text, and then I create the storyboard and present it to Sueisha and Akira Toriyama. After approval, I begin the drawings.

BN: - Do you think you contributed to what continue what Toriyama did?

T: - Yes, this is a series created by Toriyama, so you have to follow your style, but you also want to introduce some originality and freshness.

It keeps the ideas of Toriyama

BN: - What are these original elements?

T: - In relation to history, I maintain the narrative arc- text and scripts by Toriyama - but I include my own jokes.

So Toriyama creates the main things, but then I added my own elements. For example, fight choreography.

BN: - We appreciate that the "Dragon Ball Super" characters are less muscular than before, how did this election come about? And what is the Super Saiyan that you like to draw?

T: - Yes, the style is now thinner and indeed the Super Saiyan God was made by Toriyama, so I have to draw it thin but at the same time with muscle, something that I find difficult. However, the Super Saiyajin Blue looks like the first Super Saiyan, and in the manga we cannot see much difference to the black and white format. I like all forms of Super Saiyan, I like the third and fourth, but I can draw the first of all better, so I'll stay with the Blue.


Toyotaro reveals more details

BN: - Do you listen to the advice of your fans? How do you bring your advice in practice?

T: - I would like to be the first fan of "Dragon Ball," because I'm the first one who wants to see more "Dragon Ball," with Goku being the strongest and all that, and since everyone loves "Dragon Ball", they all have high expectations and try to add as many items as possible; As far as the public is concerned, I cannot listen to everyone, but I hope my ideas satisfy them.

BN: - Can you anticipate any event in the Dragon Ball Super story?

T: - I imagine you've read up to volume 2, where Black appears, so we will discover later on the events that were unleashed.

Of course the story has to end like the original, in a coherent and natural way. At least at you know that, no doubt, Goku, Vegeta and the others will survive.

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