After the official release of episode 89, many have been asking what the next episodes are going to be about, since the Tournament of Power is drawing closer, expectations have risen with each passing day. Fortunately, we’ve got news regarding the next episodes 90 to 93 of “Dragon Ball Super” and in the next lines we will share them with you.

What we know so far about the next episodes

Episode 90

Title: "Break through the walls. Goku vs Gohan!"

Release date: May 13th

The very existence of the whole Universe is at risk in the greatest event of history. For this reason Son Goku has been charged with the recruiting of the warriors that will compose Universe 7’s team and defend us against total annihilation.


Since he has some time to spare before the Tournament begins, he decides to face his elder son one more time and see how his training with Piccolo is going. The power of the ultimate Saiyan is overwhelming

Episode 91

Title: “The strongest warriors unite."

Release date: May 20th

Everybody will be astonished with Son Gohan’s change since his power has become overwhelming and almost matched that of his father’s. In the meantime, in some distant place, Vegeta uses the short time he has left before the tournament begins to travel to The Lookout to improve his techniques using the Hyperbolic Chamber.

A curious fact about this is that Vegeta has already entered the Hyperbolic Chamber while Son Goku was learning to perform the Ma-fuu-ba.

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In theory, he should be stronger than Goku (as long as he doesn’t use the Kaioken), and again, he should become stronger now that he will use the Hyperbolic Chamber one more time.

Episode 92

Title: We are lost!. The team is incomplete!

Release date: May 27th

Unfortunately, it would seem that majin buu will oversleep one more time and it is presumed that he will not be waking up for several months. Realizing the delicate situation Universe 7 is now in, Son Goku rushes toward Buu to wake him up.

Lastly, the most expected episode:

Episode 93

Given Title: “You are the 10th warrior!. Goku goes to find Frieza!”

Release date: June 3rd

Son Goku reaches Majin Buu only to realize the terrible truth. He has fallen asleep again and there is no chance to wake him up, so the Saiyan has come up with a desperate solution; reviving Golden Frieza.


Everybody is against him but Son Goku asks Baba to help him in this matter and bring the old arch enemy back to life for a full day.

Thanks for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.