We already had some information regarding episode 92, but now we’ve managed to get our hands on the official data, including the title and synopsis.

Episode 92 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Title: “We are lost!. The team is incomplete!”

Synopsis: Majin Buu will not wake up for at least two months, and Goku and his friends panic as the warriors from all the universes get together. It would seem that the pink demon is asleep and there seems to be no way to wake him up. The Tournament of Power draws closer and it would seem that the Z-Warriors cannot interrupt Buu’s sleep.

Universe 6: In preparation for the Tournament of Power, Caulifla and Kale are training with Cabba to learn how to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Universe 11: Toppo, one of the Pride Troopers, is still recruiting warriors for the tournament.


What is Goku’s secret plan?

As Majin Buu seems to be deeply asleep, Goku comes up with a secret plan to find a replacement for the pink demon, and a suitable warrior to occupy his spot as part of Universe 7's team for the Tournament of Power.

Among the most interesting things to note about the synopsis leaked for the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super," we can mention that the two Saiyan women recruited by Cabba seem to have both been able to reach the Super Saiyan stage, which is something thrilling since it would seem that Kale’s power is similar to that of the Legendary Super Saiyan from Universe 7, Broly. Also, according to Cabba’s master, Caulifla seems to have huge fighting potential.

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Without any doubt, Universe 6 is assembling a great team for the Tournament of Power.

We also have information regarding Universe 11, and that one of its emblematic warriors is recruiting more warriors to complete his team. Let’s remember that this leader has fought with hundreds of villains, maybe even more than Goku has. Will he put his own feelings aside and recruit a powerful villain to join his team like Goku plans to do with Frieza?

Additional information regarding the franchise

It was expected that the 24 tome manga of Dragon Ball Super” would give us some information regarding the Tournament of Power, but this was not so, since the Zamasu saga has yet to be concluded. Although the plot is assembled nicely and is very entertaining, the fact that the saga has yet to reach its end is bad news, since it means that there is at least one month to go before the tournament begins.


Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.