Undoubtedly, the news of Frieza's return astonished and generated a huge commotion in the fans of Dragon Ball Super. The commotion was not generated from the return of the same character but arises because he will be part of Goku's team and, consequently, he will fight side by side with the Saiyan whom he tried to eradicate on more than one occasion.

However, after this return, we notice that this return of Frieza has a clear relation to the film and Dragon Ball Super Saga "Fukkatsu no F".

How does "Fukkatsu no F" relate to this return?

At first, both the film and the same saga, we saw in Dragon Ball Super seemed absurd. The same fanatics mentioned that although the film had been enjoyed, it seemed more like filler without meaning than anything else.


Now with this return, we realize that the movie made more sense than we thought.

The arch of the resurrection of Frieza served for the emperor of the universe to obtain a new power. If such an arch had not existed, Frieza would now be extremely weak and would not be eligible to participate in the Tournament. Thanks to this plot arc, Frieza obtained a new transformation which rivals the Blue Super Saiyan and makes him an extremely powerful individual and more than apt to be part of the team of the Universe 7.

Added to that, if Frieza had not been revived in the past by the Tacoma and Sorbet, currently, would have a body this would be 60% robotic.Furthermore, if revived, he would not have enough time to train as his recruitment will take place in the last minutes before the Power Tournament.

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What will your relationship with Goku be like?

In the film, despite the contempt that generated Goku - Frieza was respectful to the Saiyan. He even "congratulated" him by defeating Majin Buu. Over time, Frieza respects Goku for his great power and, after seeing the immense power that the Saiyan obtained in its last combat, We believe that there is mutual respect between the two in spite of Chanlong's contempt for the Saiyan, Who ruined his plans on more than one occasion.

There is no doubt that the encounter between Frieza and Goku will be epic. Although his participation did not take place, it will be very interesting to see the relationship with Goku and Freezer's reaction to seeing him after his last combat on Earth.


In addition, it will be interesting to see the reaction of the same Goku, to see Frieza in the hell of the Earth.

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