After seeing chapter 89 of "Dragon Ball Super," there is no doubt that Cabbe is the strongest Saiyan of his universe, then remember that Vados was in charge of bringing together the strongest warrior for the champa tournament. Between one of them is Cabbe. Perhaps in those times there were stronger Saiyans.

However, from that tournament Cabbe has obtained powers unimaginable thanks to the help of Vegeta. So much so that neither the former captain of the corporation of the planet salad knew the transformational Super Saiayjin, that we could see it in chapter 88 of the series.


In the newly released chapter, we saw something very similar, but mainly with Caulifla who did not know beyond the Saiyan Ordinary. This provoked interest in going to the tournament in exchange for obtaining new powers. This proves that he has Saiyan blood and seeks to increase his strength, Such as Goku and Vegeta.

Power of Cabbe

Kale does not have much attention when seeing the magnitude of power of Cabbe. Remember, she is very shy and does not like fighting. Nevertheless, later it will expel all his anger and will arrive at the "Legendary" mode.

Up until now, we know three Saiyans of the 6th universe. This does not include the former captain of Cabbe, who is still not confirmed to be a Saiyan. It is clear that we have seen four Saiyans in that universe, dismantling Cable as the strongest of them all.

When transforming into Super Saiyan, the power of the individual is multiplied by 50. The difference is that now they do not put it as "the great thing" because they exist as the powers of the gods.

Strongest Saiyan

On the other hand, after learning that Cabbe is the strongest Saiyan we have ever seen, there remains a great doubt.


Where is Prince Saiyan of the universe 6?

It is assumed that the king of the 6th universe is the strongest, even stronger than the same Cabbe, the strange thing is that they have not mentioned it during the last chapters, When Cabbe told Vegeta that the king of the planet salad was very strong, However we do not have signals that participate in the power tournament.

There are currently 3 places available in universe 6, therefore we should not lose hope. In my opinion, I think that Frost and Hit should invite some character quite strong.

It would be very forced that Cabbe was the one in charge of bringing together the whole team. I think that they must gather members that are known to play as a team, just as Goku is doing in the universe.