The transition chapters of the fantastic series of 'Dragon Ball Super' have become even more exciting for the vast majority of fans, however, the last episode of Dragon Ball Super was simply spectacular, especially seeing the battle between Gohan and Goku.

The Saiyan Hybrid asserted that he would try to follow a different path to Son Goku to become a Warrior at the level of the Gods, demonstrating his skills in a training match. Piccolo was the first to realize that Gohan has not yet released all his hidden power, which is why he decided to give him a little training to guide him to show all his power.

Many people have speculated about the final battle of the Power Tournament, in which Goku is shown facing Jiren in the opener, however, with the revelation of the last chapter, this could change abruptly, given that Goku named Gohan as the team leader of the Universe 7.

This could be a spoiler, as is, as it was to see sleeping Buu in the last ending of this great anime.

Gohan vs Jiren?

By all this we mean that it is very likely that the final battle of the Power Tournament is Gohan vs Jiren and repeat the same story of the saga of Cell, that is, that the villain on duty is more powerful than Goku and his son Gohan is the one who has to take the full weight of responsibility to save the entire Universe. On the other hand, the maximum power of Jiren is unknown; it is only known that it is much more powerful than Toppo, Who managed to sustain a fight for a while with the Super Saiyan Blue God of Son Goku.

The great power of the team leader of the universe 11 would doubt that Gohan is in charge of defeating this great opponent, that is why the Saiyan Hybrid would have to undergo a new transformation or state, to increase his powers considerably and to rival his extraordinary opponent.

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New power

Recalling the words of Gohan, It would be ruled out that the Saiyan Hybrid would follow the same line of transformations of his father, therefore, the idea of a Super Saiyan Blue God would be discarded, and however, a fairly logical power increase for Gohan would be the Red God phase. In this sense, we are convinced that this line is the most indicated since it is very probable that it can be combined with the mystical state.

The transformation that Saiyan achieves in the series would result in a level more powerful than the one shown by Goku at the moment. Recall that this Saiyan mixes the Blue God phase with the Kaioken increased 10 times; on the other hand, Gohan should have absorbed the God state in the ritual at the beginning of Super Dragon Ball, therefore, this is quite likely to occur.