The Saiyan race has been an integral part of Dragon Ball since its inception, and now, a new door has been opened in this long-running series. "Dragon Ball Super" has recently introduced two new Saiyans that will surely be the subject of rumor and speculation moving forward.

The first new Saiyan to appear in "Dragon Ball Super" is a Saiyan that goes by the name of Caulifla. As is known, many Saiyans take their names from vegetables, and those names are a play on words related to said vegetables. As one might guess, this new Saiyan clearly takes its name from cauliflower.


The new warrior: Caulifla

Caulifla, who has the air of a misfit, ends up being recruited by Cabba to fight in the Tournament of Power. On the other hand, also from Universe 6, there is a new Saiyan that has already been seen in the second opening of "Dragon Ball Super": Kale (whose name comes from the cabbage).

Events leading up to the Tournament of Power

Since the Future Trunks saga ended, there has been an incredible build-up to the Tournament of Power in the current saga of the series. As is known, the Tournament of Power will feature the strongest warriors from numerous universes scattered throughout Dragon Ball lore.

This tournament will pit the best of the best against each other as each universe assembles the strongest warriors they have to compete in this epic tournament.

With the introduction of all of these new characters, and with the tournament coming closer with each passing week, the anticipation is high for the tournament to showcase the strongest warriors competing in what is essentially a battle to the death. Many fans have enjoyed seeing Gohan return to form and tap into the immense power he has leading up to the tournament.


For a long time, Gohan chose to study academically instead of focusing on his training, but now, he is ready to represent Universe 7 in the biggest tournament the show has ever seen. What will the outcome of the Tournament of Power be, and who will come out victorious in the end?