A few weeks ago, Thomas Cardinali interviewed Toyotao in Italy during the Comicon 2017. The interview has now come to light in the middle talky! Life, so I've decided to translate the interview for all of you. Want to know what new secrets have unveiled Toyotao, author of Dragon Ball Super manga, on this work that sweeps around the globe? Let's see!

Interviewer: Maestro Toyotao, had he come to Italy before?

Do you like our pizzas?

Toyotao: I came to Italy 10 years ago from honeymoon, and yes, we ate a pizza. This time I also ate it, but in a hurry.

E: Had he imagined that one day his art could be harnessed in a manga like Dragon Ball? What does it represent in your life?

T: I'd never thought I'd draw it officially, but I did dream it.


I think this job has built my life.

E: Master Toriyama has made the story-boards of DBS, what is the difference between designing Dragon Ball Super and creating an entire work?

T: I also design the story-boards, and they are always approved by Master Toriyama, who monitors them to the full. But lately, it fixes me fewer things and gives me more confidence to work, which allows me to give way to my creativity.

E: What is the difference between drawing Goku, a famous and well-known Peresonaje, and designing a new character like Beerus?

T: In fact, Goku had already designed it officially before Dragon Ball Super (referred to as Dragon Ball Heroes), and was very excited to buy the manga nothing more will be published.

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You might feel more pleasure when I draw Goku than Beerus or the other new characters, as the latter are more difficult to design. Master Toriyama only gives me some sketches, and I have to manage to imagine the poses from it. As Goku is very exploited, I have many examples at my disposal.

will show astonished. Suddenly, he sent me the Strode-board completely corrected, and I left it just as it happened to me. I still have the original project I drew.

E: It is said that the great authors usually leave written the last chapter of their works. And you? How do you imagine the end of Dragon Ball Super?

T: The goal is that Dragon Ball Super fits at the end of the original manga, that is, the last chapter that is located ten years after the death of Majin Boo.


The story must get there, as far as Dragon Ball ended. But you know, even Akira Toriyama unknown the end of DB when it started, and we do not always think about where we want to get ...

What a finale, isn't it?

And so far, this new interview with Toyotao. What a finale, isn't it? It seems that the idea that Dragon Ball Super fits at the end of the original manga is clear, but ... will there be life beyond those pages? Will Toyotao and Toriyamacontinuar be rethinked with the untouchable outcome of the original work? Only time will tell! Kai, Kai!