Last time in Dragon Ball Super,” we witnessed the showdown between Goku and Gohan as the younger Saiyan test the fruits of his training with his master Piccolo. After having the battle refresher course with the Namekian warrior, Gohan achieved once again his Mystic Form.

However, Piccolo has yet to show the how much he gained during his training with Gohan. Even Krillin, who is one of the weaker characters in the series is gearing up with new moves for the tournament; many are asking if Piccolo will have a new power up to surprise the multiverse.

Piccolo through the years

For once, Piccolo held the title of the strongest fighter in the “Dragon Ball” universe when he fused his counterpart, Kami.


However, that was only for a brief moment as Goku, and the other Saiyans was quick to level up their power levels to challenge for the title.

It cannot be denied that aside from the Saiyans, Piccolo is one of the best fighters in the series. Moreover, Piccolo dates way back to the original "Z" series where he took the responsibility of training Goku’s young son to prepare for the invading Saiyans.

During the tag team match against Tien Shinhan and Goku, Piccolo is given with very little screen time. The only thing that he managed to unleash is a massive energy blast that can push enemies out of bounds.

No doubt, Piccolo’s new trick will be useful in the battle royal, but the execution will be a problem because the technique requires a long charging time.

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During his training with Gohan, he mentioned that they would find out how far their powers will level up with the short time that they have and fans believe that what he showed in the tag team match is far from the true extent of his abilities.

Red-Eyed Namekian form

With a lot of strong fighters from the different universes participating in the Tournament of Power, Piccolo needs to power up to have a fighting chance. Many fans are hoping that Piccolo will have the Red-Eyed Namekian form transformation as his trump card.

For those who don’t know the mysterious state, the Red-Eyed Namekian form was a power up possessed by several Namekians that appeared exclusively in “Dragon Ball” video games.


The form enables its user to wield a power equivalent to a Saiyan’s Super Saiyan doubling the user’s base power. The games even teased that the power can improve to reach the level of a Super Saiyan God.

Though it will be amazing for Piccolo to have this power, some claimed that Piccolo might have a different form as the video games don’t often tie with Akira Toriyama’s canon. Either way, Piccolo will have to step it up to prevent their universe from total annihilation.

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