"Dragon Ball Super" episode 90 will be a show of another action-filled episode that will air in the next few days. For several weeks, the hype about Gohan breaking his limits, discovering his inner power and getting a new form have been rampant. In this episode, we are given the brief summary about what fans could expect from the phenomenal anime series.

Jump Magazine preview

The episode 90 of "Dragon Ball Super" as revealed by Jump magazine is titled "Focus on the Obstacle to Surpass, Goku vs.


Gohan". According to the preview, Gohan realized while training with his mentor and friend Piccolo, that he has to surpass his father. The son teamed up with his mentor and fight against his father and Tien. It was also mentioned in the preview that upon completing his training, Gohan acquired the power that he never had, but his father is... The preview is open-ended and leaves the rest to fans' imagination.

Aside from that, the image also shares tidbits of vital information revealing more details about the upcoming episode.

It reveals that Gohan has powered up significantly in physical and spiritual form. It also raises the question of the kind of training the Namekian has given him. While a breakthrough change happened to the young Saiyan after his rigid training with his old mentor, his father is the happiest. After the tag fight with his son, the team leader of Universe 7 will invite his son to a one-on-one fight.

What is the obstacle?

All throughout the preview and in the title, the word barrier has repeatedly been mentioned.

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But what could be that obstacle that Gohan needs to surpass? One clear message that this preview is sending is that there is more to Goku's son than anyone could ever imagine. He has the potential to surpass his limits and even surpass his father. The obstacle could be the fighter himself.

It is a general knowledge that the reason why he has not realized his Mystic form is that he was not able to discover his inner power. The change that is described in the preview is mostly due to Piccolo and his in-depth knowledge of his student and his concealed power.

The Namekian is one of the few characters in "Dragon Ball Super" that look past the usual Saiyan that everyone else sees. He is also the one who had seen how powerful Gohan could become when he is under so much rage.

In the Universe Survival Arc of "Dragon Ball Super," it is possible that the spotlight will be focused on the son of the team leader of Universe 7. However, on the issue of surpassing his father, I bet with Goku's personality, breaking his limits and leveling up is just one of the exercises that he would like achieve more than anyone else in the series.