Since the fighters for Universe 7 is already complete in "Dragon Ball Super," fans are getting excited about the Tournament of Power. Goku had been recruiting fighters and it wasn't easy for him to complete the team. But now that they have all agreed to join him in the battle royale, the actual tournament is about to happen.

Goku made sure that he will invite the best fighters to avoid utter destruction of Universe 7. The ten members of the team include Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Bu, Android 18, Krillin, Android 17, Master Roshi, Tien, and of course, Goku.


Apparently, Goku managed to bring together the most powerful fighters of the universe. With that, the next episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" is even more exciting.

Goku vs Gohan

One of the most awaited scenes is the fight between Goku and Gohan in episode 90 which is titled "Break Through the Walls: Goku vs. Gohan." The goal of Goku is to test if Gohan is indeed ready for the tournament after he trained with Master Piccolo. This is an exciting episode to watch since two of the most powerful fighters, who happens to be the father and son, will have a face-off.

For sure Gohan will impress his father with this skills and newly recharged strength. Apart from the fight between Gohan and Goku, Tien will also have a match with Piccolo for another practice battle.

What happened to Buu?

On episode 91 titled "The Strongest Warriors Unite," Gohan's overwhelming power will surprise other fighters. Meanwhile, Vegeta is working on his technique with the help of the Hyperbolic Chamber as he gets ready for the battle royale. He will head to God's palace where he can start his training in the Spirit and Time's room.


Aside from that, new teasers for episode 91 reveal that something will happen to majin buu while the other contestants already assembled.

In episode 92 titled "We Are Lost! The Team is Incomplete!" Goku will have a big problem since Buu fell asleep and won't wake up after several months. With that, Goku will do his best to wake up Buu or else the entire Universe 7 will be at risk. It is said that in episode 93, Goku will revive Golden Frieza which is the only way to wake up Buu from his deep sleep. There is also a possibility that Freeza might take the place of Buu even if the other fighters do not agree with his plan.

Air dates

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 90 will air on May 14 while episode 91 and 93 is set to air on May 21 and May 28. Meanwhile, episode 93 titled "You're the 10th Warrior! Goku Visits Freeza!" will air on June 4.