After issuing Chapter 88 of "Dragon Ball Super," the name of the Saiyan with an extraordinary power (which we would normally call the Broly woman) is Caulifla. Let's take a look at who it is, what he does, and what his direct relationship is with little Kyabe, It is already custom in Akira the Saiyans to have names of vegetables. As we know, Kakaroto means carrot. The new girl Saiyan is Caulifla, which basically means cauliflower. Her hair is all fussy and spongy, just like a cauliflower.


As for her behavior, as we learned from chapter 88, Caulifla seems to be a very conflictive girl. She is impulsive and has a very strong character, something like Broly before his father controlled it.

She is also the leader of a band, although it is not specified if it is of a criminal band or is simply a band of strong young men in search of adventures.

Great potential

Now, while it is true that Caulifla is protected by his other members or minions, that does not imply weakness in any way, is more his brother mentions that his potential is much higher than him, and taking into account that he was a captain of the planet Sadla as captain must have been in a very high rank in power, and if his sister easily outgrows it we are facing a girl of great potential, in addition to being leader its power must be very superior to the rest others, it is few words that power that she has is out of the ordinary.

Finally, it seems that his brother Rensou, knows of the potential of Caulifla because when seeing the new transformation that has obtained Kyabe is not surprised much, it seems that this new Saiyan can already transform into Super Saiyan and of being so limits must have, as the legendary Saiyans tend to release their power from time to time, because the energy they accumulate is overwhelming.

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That does not seem to be the case with Caulifla. On the other hand it seems that we will see short scenes of the majority of Saiyans that will be members of the team of the universe 6. In order to keep some of these warriors in incognito until the beginning of the power tournament, as we know the god Champa always has an ace up his sleeve. He will surely be looking for someone very powerful to convince him to be in his favor in this power tournament.