Things are not looking good for Goku and Team Universe 7 in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” that aired last May 28. A recent news informed Goku and the gang that Buu cannot participate in the Tournament of Power anymore because of his unusual hibernation. With one man short for the required ten warriors, Universe 7 has no choice but to wake up Buu or to find a replacement. Meanwhile, as we get some snippets of other soldiers from opposing universe, episode 92 marks the debut of the first female Super Saiyan of the franchise.

Caulifla the female Super Saiyan

In the “Dragon Ball” series, a Super Saiyan was a creature of the legends.

All throughout the series, obtaining the massive power for the first time was a tough hurdle. A Saiyan must become so angry that it will force the dormant power from within like Goku when Frieza killed Krillin. Other warriors like Vegeta and Gohan obtained their Super Saiyan forms by the similar circumstances. However, it is not the same with the first female to achieve the power in the series.

In the previous episode, the gangster-like Saiyan, Caulifla showed a keen interest in the golden form of Cabba. In exchange for participating the Tournament of Power, Caulifla made a deal with Cabba to teach her the golden form. Cabba insulted the lady Saiyan to unleash her anger just like Vegeta did to him when he attained the Super Saiyan form. However, his fear of the woman heavily offset his attempts to make Caulifla angry.

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Caulifla rather asked Cabba what it felt like when he transforms - after all, Cabba admitted that he is not mad every time he changes. Cabba explained that all he had to do to transform is to focus his energy on a particular part of his back and advised Caulifla to do the same. In a matter of seconds, Caulifla became a Super Saiyan right away. The two Saiyan then turned their attentions to a third Saiyan named Kale who is secretly watching them.

Is Kale the female Broly?

Kale debuted in Episode 89 when Cabba went to Caulifla to recruit her into the Tournament of Power. Kale was a meek and timid individual where others looked down on her because of her nervousness. However, there is an ongoing rumor that Kale is the female Broly of the series.

According to some leaks and information gathered by avid fans, Kale’s Super Saiyan form hugely resembles Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan which appeared on several “Dragon Ball” movies. Based on the leaks, Kale’s Super Saiyan doesn’t sport the usual golden aura of a typical Super Saiyan. Instead, Kale’s transformations have more of a green color on her hair and aura like Broly’s.

With more and more powerful opponents showing up, Goku and the gang cannot let it too easy especially that their very own existence is at stake. Catch Dragon Ball Super on Crunchyroll at Saturdays, 7:15 P.M. CST. Tune in for more updates on Goku and the ever heating Universal Survival Arc.