The recent preview for Episode 92 of the anime series "Dragon Ball Super" has been released. It seems that fans are greatly overwhelmed with the avalanche of developments for the upcoming Tournament of Power. In the past weeks, we were informed that Freiza is coming back from hell to fight for Universe 7. Aside from that, the creator of the series appears to be building up other Universes, including Universes 3 and 6.

Latest preview

The 30-minute preview released for episode 92 reveals several characters from other Universes that will be participating in the Tournament of Power.


In the first few seconds, the god of the destruction of U3, Mosco, was shown and was followed by EA, which is their supreme Kai. Aside from that, several freedom warriors from U6 were also shown. This includes Cabba, Kale, and Caulifa who are seen hard at training.

Goku's voice was also heard in the background as he was disappointingly saying that Buu is now in deep sleep and will not be awake for the next couple of months. It appears that Krillin and Android 18 are also not planning on joining the tournament anymore. The 30-minute preview ended with the disappointed look on the faces of the fighter of U7.

Love triangle

In the preview, fans were fascinated with the warriors from U7's sister universe, U6. As previously revealed, these Saiyans are a bit different from the Saiyans on Earth as they are born without tails. This lead other fans to speculate that these fighters have a stronger and more powerful base level as compared to the kind of Saiyans that we know of.

In the preview, we see Cabba training Caulifa to reach her higher potential. While the two were doing some rigorous training, Kale was shown from afar hiding behind a stone, looking shy and timid while watching the other two warriors.


Several fans theorized that because of Cabba's training to both female Saiyans, a Love Triangle will blossom. While some don't want to believe this, it appears that in the preview this theme has been shown several times.

Krillin and Android 18 pull out from the team?

Another potential twist in the upcoming episode is the statement that Goku was overheard saying. The team leader appears to be telling his friend Krillin that U7 will be wiped out if he and his wife are not going to join in the battle.

It is worth noting that if Krillin throws in the towel, his wife will follow suit making the team short of three fighters including Buu.

Most likely, this is just a red herring meant to hype up the series. Perhaps, in the end, Goku will be able to convince his best friend to fight along with them. Pulling out three fighters and getting them new replacements while previously hyping them up is just a lousy idea that will break more hearts.