The tournament of Power is literally around the corner, and only 9 hours separate the warriors of each Universe from the most catastrophic event of all time. Most of the warriors are understandably scared since they know that losing means their immediate eradication along with everything and everyone they’ve ever known. This is an event in which everyone will have to give all they’ve got, or else billions and billions of lives will perish. On their shoulders lies the destiny of their Universes.

In this terrible context, each Universe is setting things in motion

Some teams are already set for the contest, such is the case of Universes 11 and 7, while others, such as Universe 6, are still missing some warriors.


Some new updates regarding this last issue have been leaked recently, and we believe that they may be of your interest. A few days ago, the synopses of episodes 90 to 93 were released, but fortunately those aren’t the only news. Next we will show you the most recent update that adds to all we’ve mentioned before. Be warned, this new data containsspoiler alert!.

What will happen in the next episodes?

On episode 90 Goku will transform into Super Saiyan Blue to fight against Gohan: The Saiyan will face his son with the goal of testing the new power acquired during his training.

At first, Goku will face his son using his Super Saiyan 2 stage but seeing the obvious difference of power level he chooses to go full steam ahead and use his strongest transformation, the Super Saiyan God Blue. A fierce battle awaits both of them.

Both Zen-oh’s want the tournament to begin earlier than scheduled because they are bored: This is without any doubts a problem for many of the teams participating in the contest, but fortunately, Daishinkan Sama manages to convince both Kings of All to wait until the scheduled time.


Vegeta may have finally become stronger than Goku: The Prince of the Saiyans will enter the Hyperbolic Chamber to train and improve his skills. After Future Trunks’s Saga, Vegeta ended up being stronger than Goku (not considering the Kaioken), since he was able to face Black and defeat him without any problems. Now he will enter the Hyperbolic Chamber once again to increase his power level while Goku is busy with the recruitment and fighting his son. Without any doubts the series is heading towards success!!

This is all the information known so far.

Stay turned for more future updates.