The Universes are getting ready for the next contest, and the growing tension forces the different teams to recruit warriors with haste. Each passing day we get to know new characters from the different Universes, with diverse skills, appearances, and backgrounds.

Now a very interesting episode with a lot of news regarding Universes 3, 6 and 7 is about to be released, and recently many official images, information, and artworks have leaked out. Next, we will share all this news with you.

Universe 3 updates

We know that this is the Universe which has Mosco as its God Of Destruction, a particular character that has as its main feature the fact that he is completely mechanical, just like a robot, and that can only communicate through his assistant Angel.


The Supreme Kai of this Universe is one of the intellectual kind, and in general terms, this Universe’s main feature is that is mostly populated by Cyborgs and mechanically enhanced beings. As we’ve been able to see in the last episode, this Universe is reading a team full of enhanced warriors for the Tournament, each with a specific role to fulfill. How powerful can they be?

Universe 6 updates

In the meantime on Universe 6, a very interesting fact has been revealed. Kale and Caulifla are like sisters, and although they do not share blood, they protect each other.

They are always together and would not let anything bad happen to each other. It seems that they share a lot of experiences together, and the Super Saiyan transformation will not be a secret between them, in fact, it will be Caulifla the one to teach Kale how to reach the Super Saiyan stage. Of course, she will never imagineKale’s immense and terrifying hidden power.

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Universe 7 updates

Majin Buu sleeps peacefully and will not wake up for several days. Hercule has tried to wake him up by any means possible, but the pink demon just won’t wake up, so he informed Son Goku that Buu would not be able to join the Tournament of Power.

Now it is up to Son Goku to find a replacement to complete the team, but first, he will have to come true to Krillin, Android 18 and Tienshin Han about the tournament’s prize, since his lie has been uncovered. AsBeerus forces Krillin to participate in the tournament, or else be destroyed by the God of destruction’s hands, Bulma agrees to pay the money Goku promised in exchange for a guaranteed victory.

Now, the Saiyan’s next goal is to travel to Hell to recruit the 10th warrior, the former emperor Frieza.


Thanks for reading this note and stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.