Just a few hours after the first impressions of Chapter 24 of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga was leaked, the good news continued to hit the "Dragon Ball" community around the world. Just a few moments ago, the complete Chapter was revealed, complete with an English translation. The first impressions of the last chapter of the manga left the majority of fans excited for more, and this time is no different.

After a long day of waiting, we finally have the official translation of the full manga in English, which will allow the many English speaking fans of "Dragon Ball Super" to read, understand, and enjoy the next installment of this widely popular series.


The plot

The official manga begins with a glimpse of Goku and Vegeta lying on the floor, exhausted, with the majority of their energy drained. There is not much to say, except that they are in agonizing pain, and yet, they intend to rise and continue to fight. On the other hand, Trunks is concerned, along with the supreme Kaiosama, Mai, and Gowasu. Fortunately, the Saiyan of the future succeeds in acquiring the ability to restore power, which makes it possible to heal Kakarotto. This is where we show you the most important translation.

The battle between Goku and Zamasu

Zamasu: "What happened to you? You were on the verge of death."

Goku: "I've recovered, thanks to Trunks."

Z: "Restoration, you say? Damn. I never thought he could do that."

G: "This is the start of round two. This is the time to show you all the true power I have." (Goku initiates the Super Saiyan Blue phase).

Z: "Saiyan Blue again? You will never learn. There is no future for a Super Saiyan Blue. You do not realize, stop clinging to that old-fashioned transformation.


It is painful to see."

Trunks: "Goku's Blue aura has vanished."

Vegeta: "Trunks, look! This is the answer that Kakarotto has been looking for."

Z: "I suspected that you had been acquiring something new while earning a few seconds of time."

G: "Ready. Here I go!"

Trunks: "This is awesome. Goku is fighting on par against Zamasu."

What's next in the anime?

As fans and viewers of the series know, the manga and anime are at different points in the storyline. As far as the anime goes, the Tournament of Power is drawing ever closer, but Goku and the rest of Universe 7 are in trouble, as they cannot wake Majin Buu as the tournament approaches.

This is all the information known so far, stay tuned for more updates as they become available.