There has been a loud uproar in the fandom of "Dragon Ball Super" with the most recent spoilers released online. Episode 93 of the phenomenal anime series will air on June 4, which means that the highly anticipated Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival Arc will happen after that episode.

Spoilers and air dates

In our previous article, we have shared the titles and air dates for episodes 90-92. Given that what was leaked were just titles, we provided the possible synopsis. Now that the spoilers are out, thanks to Todd Blankenship, fans can now make their predictions based on the given outline.

Episode 90 is titled "Facing the Wall that must be Overcome! Goku vs Gohan." This will air on May 14.


The spoiler reveals that the destruction of the universe is at stake at the Tournament of Power. The members of Universe 7 led by Goku is finally complete. Given the little time left, Goku and Tien team up and gets into a fight with Gohan and Piccolo for a last minute training match.

Titled "Which Universe will Prevail?! Mightiest Warriors Assemble," the 91st episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will air on May 21. This episode will highlight how Gohan has grown stronger than before being able to hold his own against his father.

This episode will also show Vegeta going to the God's Palace to start training in the room of spirit and time.

Episode 92 will air on May 28 and is titled, "Emergency, We Don't Have All 10 Members." This episode will show that the Universe 7 will have a missing member who will not be able to participate in the Tournament of Power. It turns out majin buu has fallen asleep and will not wake up for the next couple of months.

"You're the 10th Warrior, Goku Visits Freeza" (episode 93) will air on June 4.


In this episode, the team leader of the universe 7 will suggest recruiting Freeza to be the 10th warrior. Although everyone is against his decision, Goku went to Fortuneteller Baba and asks her to resurrect Freeza from hell for just 24 hours.

New anime plot

It appears that the recent statement from the interview with the anime illustrator and Toriyama's successor, Toyataro about the changes in the plot of the phenomenal anime series are being slowly revealed. When episode 92's title was released, fans were speculating that it will be Majin Buu again who will not be able to join in the tournament.

This recent development has disappointed many fans of the show. It can be recalled that Buu even slimmed down a bit and trained so hard for the upcoming battle. Dumping him again in the last minute is heartbreaking even if he is not as popular as other fighters in the series.

Another shocking revelation is the possibility of Freeza being resurrected for only 24 hours to fight for the Universe 7 in "Dragon Ball Super." Goku is insane as he was trying to save the universe by resurrecting the one who wanted it destroyed.


However, given the intensity of powers and fighting styles the warrior has acquired over the years, it is possible that the villain will no longer be a threat in the team leader's perspective.