Finally, Kale will show her transformation into Legendary Super Saiyan. Cabba just cannot believe the surge of power irradiating from the female Saiyan, and he even compares it to the Super Saiyan Blue transformation. Still we do know that Cabba usually exaggerates when speaking and she will surely have a power equal to that of a Super Saiyan stage 2.

Formerly, the Saiyans were a very savage kind of warriors, whose scariest skill was to increase their power level after each battle waged. It would seem that the Saiyans from universe 6 are quite prodigal warriors since it would appear that they can transform into Super Saiyan much easily than the ones from Universe 7.

Cabba will become the master of Caulfila and Kale, teaching both girls how to transform into Super Saiyan, in preparations for the Tournament of Power.


Frieza’s recruitment details

The synopsis of episode 92 reveals us that Majin Buu will not be participating in the upcoming contest after all since he will fall asleep. Even though Hercule’s makes efforts to wake him up, Buu simply does not react and sleeps. This will prompt Lord Beerus’s rage who will try to destroy the pink warrior.

As the rumor of a lacking warrior spreads across Universe 7’s team, Yamcha grows the idea that Goku will ask him to join the tournament. In the end, the Saiyan will make the decision of inviting the former emperor Frieza.

To achieve this goal, Master Roshi’s sister Baba will commit in helping Goku and requests the guardian of the dead to release Frieza from Hell for a limited time of 24 hours.

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To this, the guardian refuses to be of aid since it is forbidden to release a villain. Goku will argue that at its time, Vegeta was released from Hell (back at Majin Buu’s saga). In the end, the guardian will accept the proposal and release Frieza for a limited time.

It is not confirmed what will Goku offer to the former emperor in exchange for his aid in the Tournament of Power, but what is confirmed is his participation in the contest.

We also know that Frieza will be surprised to see Majin Buu sleeping and that even he considers him a very dangerous being.

Additional data regarding this subject

Many years ago, Akira Toriyama revealed that one of his favorites characters is the main villain and former emperor Frieza.


This is probably the reason why he has had so much participation in this great saga. He has also revealed that he always wanted to see him fighting side by side with Goku.

Many fans believe that Frieza will end up betraying Universe 7’s team. What is your opinion on this matter?