The fandom of "Dragon Ball Super" was in total chaos when the most recent preview about the upcoming episodes of the TV series were dropped. From the previous speculations and predictions, as well as in fan-theories, there was never a single fan who had predicted the recent twist in the plot that has shocked the entire fandom.

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Todd Blankenship recently revealed the synopses of episodes 90, 91, 92 and 93 of "Dragon Ball Super." We learned that again the people behind the anime dropped Majin Buu at the last minute. This broke many hearts, especially for the numerous fans who have been expecting to see Buu in his slimmed version fighting in the Tournament of Power.

There were even some who were complaining about Buu having to undergo training and slimming and be dumped at a crucial time.

Episodes 92 and 93 previews revealed that Majin Buu gets sleepy at first and apparently has fallen asleep. It was described in the synopsis that he will not be able to wake up for two months. Goku, the team leader of Universe 7, is pressured to have a complete list of fighters for his team. He picked Frieza as the pink warrior's replacement. Despite the opposition, he went to Babba the fortune teller and asked her to resurrect the villain for 24-hours.

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Earlier there were speculations that the reappearance of the villain in "Dragon Ball Super" was just TOEI's ploy to retain its viewers. However, when several synopses started to surface and affirmed the story, fans started to speculate on what will happen within the 24 hours that the villain is resurrected.

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The biggest question is what will Goku offer Frieza in exchange for him participating and fighting for Universe 7? What will Frieza ask Goku in return for doing him a favor? Will he ask to be removed from hell? And if the villain says yes, will he really fight alongside Universe 7, or will he cause destruction and do his usual evil ways?

Resurrecting Frieza has a lot of implications in the series. He has been killed and is now in hell, and like in any other movie, series, or comics, resurrecting a character most of the time does more damage than good. Another issue about the villain getting on Universe 7's team is that they appear to be too powerful. It was previously revealed that Gohan has already unlocked his Mystic form, and Goku obviously will break beyond his limits. With Frieza on board, along with Piccolo, Androids 17 and 18, Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi, the team is a powerhouse of superpowers.

Now that the biggest twist in the plot of "Dragon Ball Super" was revealed, fans can only speculate until the episode is aired. It appears that there are more of these twists and turns as the phenomenal series moves on.