It is rumored that Daishinkan Sama is the villain of the universal tournament, similarly it is said that Zeno Sama of the future could be the villain, but the real enemies can be Frost and Frieza.

Frieza is revived for 24 hours in Chapter 93 of 'Dragon Ball Super' and Frost reappeared in Chapter 91, we know that Frost is a fugitive, previously deceived everyone with the false image of being a protector of peace and the children of many planets, but in reality was a villain. Hit would take charge of facing Frost, to then take it before Champa and thus to participate in the universal tournament, when Zeno Sama appeared for the first time, said he wants to see all the warriors who fought in the tournament of the universe 6 and 7.


Frieza after the universal tournament would not want to go back to hell, no matter that Goku promised him a better place in hell or a second chance to live again, the great emperor could end up betraying the universe number 7.

Frieza and Frost

The great emperor of the universe 7, when he arrives at the universal tournament, he will learn that there are many powerful gods and angels, he will know that he can never defeat any deity.

Frost, like Frieza, will want to defeat Vegeta, since Vegeta humiliates to these personages in this series of 'Dragon Ball Super', perhaps the great emperor of the universe 7 would end up by merging with Frost, since both would want their freedom, Frost after the survival tournament would be captured by some galactic cops from universe 6, so it is possible that Frost will join with Frieza and both would merge.

Finally, would appear the most powerful villain of the series, for something Akira Toriyama is integrating the great emperor in the saga of the tournament of power.

New adventures after the tournament of power

Recently it was confirmed that, after the saga of the universal tournament new adventures will begin, the series would finally end with the saga of the Uub warrior. The author of the spin off manga series Toyotaro commented that the final of Dragon Ball Super will have the same ending we've seen in 'Dragon Ball Z'.


We know that the end of 'Dragon Ball Z' was about: when Goku and Uub become friends, both decide to train, to become stronger, and the main character decides to become a martial arts master for the first time.

In short, Frieza has always been proud, he will never become a warrior of good. Frost is also a very powerful enemy: probably both enemies will make an alliance in full universal tournament, with this we have reached the end of this article, remember to share it with your friends, we will be informing you about any news about the series 'Dragon Ball Super'.