Dragon Ball Super episode 91 was the starting point for the most controversial chapters of the series so far. The reason for this is because episode 92 would be the prelude to the return of the character who became Goku’s worst enemy.

After episode 91, information regarding chapter 92 was revealed to us, so we’ll proceed to tell you what it is about and we’ll go through an analysis of it.

Episode 92

“We are lost! The team is incomplete!”

Because Majin Boo is sleeping and won’t wake up, Goku will have to lie.


Will his lie be discovered? Universe 7 Team could separate and go through a huge crisis.

As you can see, this small preview revealed by Fuji TV, makes a mention of an enormous crisis that Team Goku will have to face. Losing a partner four hours before the beginning of the tournament is almost a death sentence. Those universes with less than 10 warriors at the time of the tournament will be deleted instantly.

Why could the team split up?

We think it could happen because of Goku’s idea to include Frieza in their ranks.

The recruitment of the evil emperor isn’t taken nicely by his friends. The ones that could be really affected by this would be Krilin and his wife, Number 18. So they may be the ones making the decision about not taking part in the tournament of power.

What do they mean by “Goku will have to lie”?

This part could mean that Goku will continue lying about the truth of the tournament. But there are several chances for him to be discovered and he’ll have to be honest with everybody. If they oppose to Frieza’s recruitment, Goku will have no other option other than to tell all of his friends the truth so they won’t have any other choice but to participate.


Needless to say, the whole truth about the tournament is far worse and tragic for everybody. With all of the training most of the warriors had, it may not be enough to face such terrible odds and strong opponents.

Without question, in episode 92 we’ll see an enormous crisis in the Universe 7 Team. Frieza’s incorporation to the team will cause bad energies throughout the entire group. On the other hand, we’ll also see how Kyabe shows the Super Saiyan transformation to Caulifla and Kale in order to teach them how to reach that level.

This could be a first in the whole "Dragon Ball" history, because we may see a female Super Saiyan for the first time ever.

At last, we only have Frieza left who could appear in episode 93 thanks to Goku’s search. Will Frieza accept Goku’s invitation? Only time will tell.