Dragon Ball Super” has revealed its first female Super Saiyan with Caulifla from Universe 6. But, another female warrior is about to come and surprise everyone in the anime television series' upcoming Episode 93.

This female fighter is said to have the strength that can match up the Super Saiyan that will be soon introduced in the coming episode titled "You're the Tenth Warrior! Goku Goes To See Frieza!" And she will be called the female Broly.

Kale’s transformation

Kale will be the female Broly who has been seen in the previous episode of “Dragon Ball Super” titled "Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!" Viewers saw her watching Cabba teaching Caulifla to go Super Saiyan. The two female fighters are both from Universe 6.


Little did fans know that the shy girl will transform into another brave warrior as she asked the mentor to also teach her to go Super Saiyan. Cabba is about to witness the biggest surprise of his life when he sees Kale’s potential when she goes berserk.

New episode’s official synopsis

Moreover, in the official synopsis of “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 93 “You’re the 10th Warrior! Goku Visits Freeza!,” it said Goku would go to Hell to recruit another warrior Freeza. As the protagonist is having the hard time to wake Buu up, he would just choose his number one enemy to replace Buu. But, it remains to be seen if Freeza will accept Goku’s invitation.

A recap of the previous episode

In other news, in the recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” "Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!," Kale’s real power has been unleashed.

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It has been known that Cabba saw the potential in her, so he tried his best to teach her to go Super Saiyan. With much training, she has uncovered an unexpected power that frightened even her fellow Universe 6 fighters.

Meanwhile, it has been expected that a female Super Saiyan would be coming in the animated series. Since the show continuously promoting the current “Universal Survival” arc, a trailer even gave a quick glimpse of Kale transforming into a Super Saiyan.

The warrior’s transformation made a lot of fans surprised as it was revealed that she looked exactly like a Broly when the Legendary Super Saiyan powered up, Comic Book reported. Now, viewers shouldn’t get to miss Episode 93 “You're the Tenth Warrior! Goku Goes To See Frieza!” to be airing on June 4 where the female Super Saiyan could meet the female Broly.


The animated series’ “Universal Survival” saga is part of Crunchyroll and Funimation’s simulcast agreement to air the show in other countries, like the U.S.