"Dragon Ball Super" fans are excited to see how a Female Super Saiyan will fight in the Tournament of Power. Viewers of the series had been looking forward to the revelation of the female Saiyan that is featured in the teaser trailer of the Universal Arc. As the series unfolds, we get to know these powerful female fighters from Universe 6.

In episode 89, we have seen Cabba with Kale as they try to convince Caulifa to join the team. At first she refused but later on, she expressed her interest when Cabba told her that she will be stronger and she can be a Super Saiyan like him. With that, viewers are looking forward to seeing the strength of Caulifa and Kale as they transform into Saiyans.

Episode 92 synopsis

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 92 titled "Emergency! We Don’t Have All 10 Members!" will air on May 28.


The synopsis of the episode reveal that the fighters of the universes will assemble but Majin Buu is missing. Buu fell into a deep sleep and he won't wake up no matter what they do.

Since Buu won't wake up, Goku needs to come up with a secret plan. He needs to look for a tenth fighter that will replace Buu. Who do you think will take the place of Buu? Other spoilers indicate that Frieza will be resurrected and he will join the team of Universe 7 but the other fighters do not agree with Goku's decision. What will happen to the team now? Meanwhile, warriors from other universes are also confident about their team.

Female Saiyan

In Universe 6, Cabba helped Caulifla and Kale to power up into Super Saiyan.

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The two would be the first female Super Saiyan that will be featured in the long-running anime series. It is noted by many that there were only male Saiyans from the start. How powerful are these female Saiyans?

"Dragon Ball Super" fans are interested to see Caulifla's transformation and how she will handle her brash personality. But it appears that many are more interested watching Kale's transformation since she is shy and timid. Her shift to a powerful and fierce Saiyan is indeed worth seeing. Kale will no doubt surprise the multiverse once she hulks to a Saiyan during the battle royale.

To recall, Kale is the girl seen in the teaser clip for the new arc. There were many speculations about her calling her the female Broly.


Aside from that, other theories indicate that she is Yurin prior to the revelation of Yurin's character in episode 89.

On the other hand, Toppo and Kai of Universe 11 are still recruiting people to join the team. Aside from Universe 6, Universe 11 also has a promising team especially now that Jiren is with them who is stronger than Toppo.