After weeks of waiting, Goku has finally completed the ten warriors that will represent Universe 7 in the upcoming Tournament of Power. With a few more hours to go, Gohan is making strategies for the team while the other members like Vegeta and Master Roshi indulged themselves in training to improve their fighting abilities. However, all doesn’t go so well with Goku’s team as an important news emerged about a pivotal fighter’s withdrawal from the tournament. Meanwhile,Dragon Ball Super” Episode 91 also gives a preview on how the other participating universe is preparing for the multiverse tournament. With a dropping member on the eleventh hour, Goku will have to find to replacement to fill the spot.


Will Yamcha have his most awaited invitation?

Universes prepare for battle!

The episode titled “Which Universe Will Survive?! The Strongest Warriors Are Gathering!!” gave an overview on how the participating worlds are preparing themselves for the upcoming tournament. Vegeta was seen entering the Room of Spirit and Time to train more with the goal of becoming the last man standing in the battle royal. Master Roshi, on the other hand, is also aiming to overcome his weakness to young and beautiful ladies with the help of Puar. Furthermore, Goku trains with Whis to prepare himself for the great battle ahead.

Meanwhile, other universes are finding a hard time recruiting members like Universe 9 where they still haven’t managed to gather anyone besides the Trio De Dangers.

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In contrast to Universe 9, Champa and his team are gaining more comrades specifically two more Saiyan by the name of Caulifla and Kale. Hit had also tracked Frost to enlist his participation in the upcoming battle. Universe 11 who is one of the favorites to win was also featured with Toppo and Dyspo waiting for Kahseral. However, their star player, Jiren is yet to have an appearance.

Unexpected blow to Universe 7

At the end of episode 91, Bulma received a call from Satan telling that Buu will not make it to the Tournament of Power. Satan mentioned that Buu went into a deep hibernation and he won’t wake up again for two months. With literally hours before the tournament, Goku will have to deal with Buu fast.


Goku will have to wake him at all cost, and if not, he should find a replacement for him soon enough. However, the preview for episode 92 also teased that Krillin together with his wife Android 18 is backing up also from the tournament.

According to spoilers and episode 93 synopsis, Goku will fail to wake up Buu and resort into recruiting a villain to fight for Universe 7. With no other choice, Goku will seek Frieza’s help in winning the Tournament of Power. Goku will have Fortune Teller Babba resurrect his former archenemy, but as a fail-safe plan, Frieza will only have 24 hours to live before heading back to hell.

Though it will be amazing if Frieza will come back as an ally, the story might turn another way, especially when taking account Akira Toriyama’s surprising plot twists. Either way, Goku will have to deal and solve the problem right away as only four hours remain before the Tournament of Power.

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