Episode 88 ofDragon Ball Super” has been a very interesting one since it has surprised many fans with the return of Gohan’s mystic stage, returning Goku’s eldest son to combat shape for the tournament of their lives. Piccolo’s promise that Gohan will approach the tournament in the best shape he’s ever had (even stronger than in Majin Buu’s saga) is apparently becoming true, but still the mystic Saiyan has many disadvantages regarding combat strategy.

He gets overconfident when he sees that his opponents hit the ground, making him lower his defenses. To revert this bad habit, Piccolo is training Goku’s son with deceitful techniques to force him to remain alert and keep his defenses steady until the battle is really over.


Akira Toriyama revealed in the past that with continuous training Gohan has the potential to be stronger than his father and Vegeta but his academic and tranquil life prevented him from reaching such power.

What will happen in episode 89?

In the upcoming episode 89, Goku travels to Tienshin-Han’s dojo to try to recruit him and Master Roshi to join Universe 7’s team. The Saiyan is actually impressed by what Tienshin-Han has managed to put together, but he is caught unaware by a berserk Master Roshi who engages him in a fight.

Goku suspects that his former master is being controlled by someone, since he takes notice of some sort of talisman on his forehead, along with a purple aura all around his body.

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But who could be strong enough to control the mind of the former strongest man of the world? Could this young girl Yurin be responsible for this?

With only a few hours away before the Tournament of Power begins, Goku will have to find a solution fast if his intention is to recruit both warriors. How will he manage to reverse the curse that has landed upon the dojo?

Who is this young girl?

It was revealed by many sources, including the V-Jump magazine that her name is Yurin and it is presumed that she is trying to win Tienshin-Han’s heart.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.