The previous episode of Dragon Ball Super” showed that Piccolo was already informed of the Tournament of Power and he was excited to clash with the strongest warriors from other universes. Including the first warriors that participated in the Zen exhibition match, Piccolo would make the eighth warrior to join the Universe 7 team.

This development makes Goku just two men short to fill up the ten-man team required for the universal tournament. To finish off the list, he is aiming to enlist Master Roshi’s help as well as the three-eyed fighter Tien Shinhan.

Mysterious beauty appears

The episode titled “A Mysterious Beauty Appears! The mystery of Tien’s Dojo?!”, kicked off with Goku heading off to the Kami House to invite his former master to join the upcoming tournament.


However, Oolong mentioned that the Turtle Hermit is in Tien’s dojo as an honorary master.

Meanwhile, we got to see Tien Shinhan training a bunch of his students in the way of the martial arts. Master Roshi is lazily watching the training while blabbering that he only came to the dojo to see young women only to find scruffy men.

As the training goes on, Chiaotzu escorted a young maiden to Tien claiming that the woman, named Yurin, wants to enroll in the martial arts school. Upon seeing the young woman, Master Roshi’s perverseness came back to life, and he told Tien that he would handle the lady’s training.

Yurin seemed innocent and cute, but it turns out that she is plotting to extract revenge on Tien whom she calls three-eyed baldy back in their time at the Crane School. Yurin used her newfound witchcraft techniques to gain control of Tien’s students which caused trouble in the nearby town.

Master Roshi vs. Goku

Even Master Roshi fell victim to Yurin’s witchcraft. She turned the old hermit into a Jiang Shi-like zombie and ushered him to attack Tien. Roshi’s ki blast sent Tien flying when he used his Fist of Four Arms technique against the old fighter.


The Turtle Hermit released a Kamehameha to finish of Tien, but Goku used his instant transmission to divert the blast from the weakened warrior.

To stop all the madness, Goku fought his former master without holding back. Goku claimed that Master Roshi has been hiding his true power all along and the old warrior is still training in secret to improve. Goku finished the fight by unleashing a Kamehameha to Roshi that canceled Yurin’s witchcraft to the old martial artist.

After the dust has settled, Tien agreed to join Goku’s invitation which he declined before.

Tien claimed that the money that Goku used as persuasion leverage would prove handy in rehabilitating the destruction caused by his student’s rampage. Master Roshi, on the other hand, signed up immediately after hearing the 10 million reward.