"Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 was recently released, and it was a real shocker. This episode is the last one in the recruitment arc, and a previous teaser showed that Goku still needs two more people to complete his team. He was hoping that Tien and Master Roshi would agree.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 is still a part of the Universe Survival arc, and the current episodes have shown Goku's attempts to create a team powerful enough to compete in the Tournament of Power. Last week, a teaser for episode 89 was revealed, and it looked like Goku's recruitment journey may have been interrupted.

The teaser also promised some real action from Tien and Roshi, with Goku saying that the old master has gone berserk.


"Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 (titled "An Unknown Beauty Appears! The Tenshin-Style Dojo's Mystery?!") started with Goku still on the hunt for more allies for the tournament. He then meets with Master Roshi and Tien, with the latter now having his own dojo, where he trains students.

Yurin and her witchcraft

While at Tien's dojo, a woman suddenly shows up, demanding to join the dojo. The woman's name is Yurin, and Roshi drags her to take a good look at her. Meanwhile, Goku tries to get Tien on his team, but he is reluctant. Now, it turns out that Yurin has a deep loathing for Tien, and after she is able to free herself from Master Roshi, she uses witchcraft to drive Tien's students on a rampage.

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The whole town is in chaos. Goku, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Roshi go to the village, and Yurin confronts them. She shares her story, saying that Tien was her former classmate at the Crane School, and after Tien left the school, refusing to fight her, she promised to exact revenge. She also brainwashes Tien's students.

The battle against Yurin

Goku, Chiaotzu, and Tien try to cure the brainwashed students. Master Roshi faces Yurin, however, when her panties were shown, Master Roshi lost his guard, allowing her to brainwash the old teacher, too. The now-brainwashed Master Roshi battles with Tien, and the fragile looking master showed great strength during the fight.

Master Roshi is able to defeat Tien easily, and even Goku is surprised at Roshi's strength.


Finally, Goku is able to cure Master Roshi with a Kamehameha wave. Afterwards, Tien orders Yurin to apologize to everyone that she hurt, and offers her a job at his dojo. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 89 ends with Goku being able to recruit Tien and Master Roshi.