After securing Android 17’s participation in the upcoming Tournament of Power, Universe 7 has now only 2 spots left to fill. In the upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Goku set off to find Master Roshi and Tien Shinhan to recruit them in the multiverse tournament. However, it seems that all is not going well within Tien’s dojo and abeautiful mysterious lady is behind all the trouble.

Goku Vs Master Roshi

Goku and Master Roshi shared a very special bond that goes way back when Goku was still a little kid in the original “Dragon Ball” series. Master Roshi severed as a mentor once for both Goku and his adoptive grandfather, Gohan.

Goku’s signature move, Kamehameha was actually an original move by Master Roshi and the saiyan adopted the move after seeing it.

Going back to the recruitment, Goku went to the Kami House to invite the Turtle Hermit to join the 10-man team of Universe 7. Unfortunately, he is not on the house and Oolong mentioned he is at the dojo that Tien has recently opened. He arrived at Tien’s dojo only to find out that the hermit went on a rampage.The hermit is shown to have a purple skin and aura together with a talisman that resembles that of a Jiangshi or the hopping zombie in Chinese folklore. To stop all the trouble, Goku fights his former martial arts master. They will have an intense battle where Master Roshi will show his battle prowess even with his old age.

Episode 90 Spoilers

After completing the line-up, Gohan and Piccolo will have a tag team battle with Goku and Tien Shinhan.

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Episode 90 will be titled "Break Through the Walls - Goku X Gohan" and as the title suggest, father and son will have a face off. Goku will test out the fruits of his training with Piccolo and he will see for himself if he can compete with the strongest fighters in the universes.

It can be recalled that Piccolo has managed to solve one of Gohan’s weakness, his habit of letting his guard down at crucial moments and his lack of warrior instinct. Gohan even managed to reclaim his Mystic State where all of his potential is unlocked.

However, fans are speculating that Gohan’s power will be not enough to defeat strong enemies. His Mystic State was only as powerful as Super Saiyan 3,if not a bit more powerful. With lots of enemies that are on the Super Saiyan Blue level, his new power is far from a game changing one. Hopefully, Gohan and Piccolo managed to collaborate a combo attacks that they mentioned in the previous episode.