Dragon Ball Super” is currently on the Universal Survival arc, the fifth of the series, since the franchise returned with a new storyline in July 2015. Throughout the new story, a lot of new characters were introduced, but the new installment brought back old favorite characters. Among the returning characters is Emperor Frieza who was revived and served as the main villain in the series’ second arc.

Frieza to return once again?

Frieza is one of the most beloved characters in the “Dragon Ball” series where he is at the number one spot in the list of the Top Ten Anime Villains of all time on Additionally, Akira Toriyama’s character became an inspiration on multiple Shonen series, notably Orochimaru from the “Naruto” series.


Masashi Kishimoto hoped that Orochimaru would have the same voice actor like Frieza which Orochimaru was based. With a good reception and outstanding popularity, Frieza is very welcome to return in the series.

In the latest episode, Goku and the whole universe 7 is in a pinch as Majin Buu went into a two-month hibernation; therefore, the pink cuddly creature cannot join the Tournament of Power. With time working against the team, Beerus blamed Goku for obliterating Frieza’s army where they can find potential warriors for the multiverse tournament. The mention of the former emperor’s name gave an idea to Goku to recruit his old arch-nemesis into the team.

In fairness of Goku’s plan, the former emperor is one of the best fighters in universe 7.

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With Frieza's new and powerful Golden Form that can rival Super Saiyan Blue powers, he will be a force to reckon with. Additionally, his dirty tricks will prove useful against powerful yet honest guys like Toppo and the rest of Universe 11 warriors. However, it will be a mystery if the other members of Universe 7 will agree to team up with Frieza or if the emperor cooperates with Goku and the gang.

Episode 93 spoilers

As a desperate act, Goku will approach Frieza and invite him to participate in the Tournament of Power. To do something with the emperor’s death, Goku will seek the help of Fortuneteller Babba’s help to revive Frieza. However, as a fail-safe plan and if Frieza will go berserk after the tournament, Goku requests that Frieza will only have 24 hours to live before returning to Earth’s hell.


For certain, this is an unexpected plot-twist that is near impossible to happen. We have no idea on how Frieza will react to Goku’s invitation. However, one thing is for sure; episode 93 is going to be interesting.

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