New details about the “Survival tournament” of the “Dragon Ball Super” series have come out with new interesting information about Daishinkan and the power of level of the warriors that will be representing their universes. According to new information filtered by the Shonen Jump magazine, the High Priest has an evil plan for taking control of the current Tournament and to eliminate the rest of the warriors.Since the appearance of this character, hundreds of theories haunt social networks related to his integrity, his great power, and his physical characteristics.


New details reveal that Akira Toriyama describes him as the favorite villain to win the Tournament. However, before it happens, he must face the others participants including Goku, one of the most fearsome and powerful Z warriors. When will we see this powerful antagonist facing Goku?

The plot

Despite theories, and even some scenes, in which Daishinkan seems to be evil and not a benign being as one might think that he is, there is no certainty that this being is evil. Likewise, we will add one more theory, which we consider very convincing and portrays step by step what would be the malicious plan of the high priest to get rid Zeno’s team and gain total control of everything.

Daishinkan's new evil plan

The first step in Daishinkan's plan - even if he has not planned it - is about to materialize and consists of the tournament being held. The tournament is a perfect occasion for the final plan of the high priest to take place since all the people who can be a threat to him will be gathered in one place. These people are the Kaioshins, Hakaishins, the same kings of all and even their own children, that is, the Angels. Then, he would let the tournament unfold normally. As the battle begins, the participants themselves will fall and consequently, the universes will disappear due to the terrible rule of disappearing into the loser universes.


Additional information

Best of all for Daishinkan is that everything is taking place without him participating. In addition, the strongest fighters remaining will no longer be able to do anything, due to the great fatigue that they will have for the battles already made. With most universes missing, their gods of creation dead, and angels obeying their orders because of their father, the last step of the plan would be to take charge of the king of everything.

This is all the information known so far.

Stay tuned for more future updates.